Monday, December 29, 2014

1st Christmas in the Mission Field

Hello Everyone!!!
Yeah! I'm still alive! First things first. How's your Christmas?
Well, My Christmas was so awesome!!!! Our week was a Blast! We had 44 OYM(Open Your Mouth) An OYM may be counted when you have opened your mouth and at least attempted to extend an invitation to a nonmember individual. And we had 16 Investigators with Baptismal Dates. We worked hard last week for that! :) We have high goals this coming week, and hoping that we'll achieved it. Last Dec. 22, Our branch had a Christmas Party. SO FUN! Lots of Food, and Games, they've showed us a Christmas Music Video of The Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Alex Boye, Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Peter Hollens in 1 Video! That was so good! Please do me a favor, can u please download that video for me and send it to my email... Please! :)
Last week was still mostly feels like my 1st week here in the field. 
I have this question in my mind "What would you do When the World sees you as nothing?"
I cant help myself, so, I confessed it with my Companion, then, He told me stories and his experience in the Mission field. I was able to reflect myself to the things he said. That really helped me a lot. He's so Nice! I am so lucky to have him as my Trainer.
And also, I guess, My Selfie King Side is over. I cant take pictures while proselyting. That's sad for me. :( But I need to Obey with Exactness. Because I want Miracles to happen!
The Members here in our branch are so AMAZING!
I am so lucky that I had a chance to call my Family back home and to skype with my Aunt and Uncle last Christmas! :) 
There's a time that I felt so Weak, Coward to face the People, Out of Confidence to talk with them. There's a verse in the Bible that helped me gain strength and courage
Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good couragefear not, nor be afraid of them:for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not failthee, nor forsake thee.
I wish you all a Happy New Year! I Love You ALL!

*Branch Christmas Party

*Members and Investigators at the Party

*The Bongabon Chapel

*1st Family Home Evening @ Napao Family

*Sweet and Sour Fish with Rice, 1 of our Investigator gave me

*Zone Christmas Conference

*Elder Ditan and Me (for Elder Jaranta)

*Elder Syphus and Me (for Elder Calaway)

*A Christmas Present from our Mission President, and A letter from a Special Person

*Breakfast! Pizza(Actually its Egg and Hotdog mixed together) Trying to be A Chief

*Merry Christmas from Elder Ordejan and Elder Armatage

Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, December 22, 2014


HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! Yeah! see the subject heading??? I am now here in Bongabon Nueva Ecija... I miss the MTC so much!!! I miss the SAMUEL DISTRICT! But, We need to hasten the work of the Lord.. I am so blessed that the Lord choose me to represent Him..
Time really is flying so fast! it was a 3 hour Van Ride from Manila to our Mission home here in Tarlac! and guess what we've seen,. on our way, we've seen the Philippine Arena (owned by the Iglesia ni Cristo's, worlds biggest arena)
then... after a 3 hours ride... we finally came to our Mission Home!!! our Mission President and his Wife gave us a warm welcome!!! fed us delicious Lunch, Interviewed by our Mission President, and gave us some orientations. the we slept at the Apartment of the Assistants of the Mission President. the next morning, We had our Personal Study, more trainings, and Finally! We Met our 1st Companions or we call them Tatay, because they're our Trainers, and we are their Trainees, Tatay means Father!!! My Companion is an American, 20 years old, and he's from Alpine Utah, Name's Elder Armatage!!! Heavenly Father really answers our prayer!!! Why? My Companion is one of the answers... He's super Kind, Humble, EXACTLY OBEDIENT, Charitable, Patience and He Loves me. He's the BEST!!! He's way fluent in Tagalog than me. haha. I've learned a lot of things from him! :) Our area is in the, We have a lot of ADVENTURES here! I'm still struggling learning the Language. especially ILOCANO! haha. But little by little, I am learning sort of things here. and, Yeah, Yesterday was my 1st Sunday in our Branch, I was able to bear my Testimony, and introduce myself. I was a little bit nervous, but Thanks goodness, it went well. the people here are so nice!!! I am still surprised to see myself here in the Mission Field. and It's still weird that the people here is calling me ELDER. LOL. I'm still adjusting lots of things here. A recent convert here gave me a Scripture Case made of Cardboard, She's so Awesome! I love it! Later, Our Branch will be having a Christmas Party! and they want us to be there! So It'll be FUN! I Miss my Family and Friends Back Home! Please send me a Present this Christmas!!!
Keep In Touch. I LOVE You ALL! 
Keep Doing What Is Right!!!

Philippines Angeles Mission!

*My Orientation Book

*My Companion showing His Charity, He offered to Iron my Polo, but He accidentally Burned it. Lol. hahaha. He's so Funny!

*Our Bulletin Board that Says, WELCOME ELDER ORDEJAN!!!

*Me and My Companion

*The Scripture Case that a Recent Convert gave me

*The Daily Planner Case my Companion gave me as a Christmas Present

*Our Apartment