Monday, January 26, 2015

The 6th Week

Hello Family and Friends!
I can't believe that I'm already 6 Weeks in the Mission Field!!!
My last week was a kind of a weak week for us.
The highlights of our last week's work was, Sister Jasmin, (one of our investigators) passed the Interview.
She'll be baptized on Jan. 31st. 
Our Branch Mission Leader (Bro. Francisco, 55 years old) is facing Big Problems right now, Yesterday He wasn't able to attend the Church, We decided to visit him in the afternoon, and He shared us something about his Family. He's really in an awful situation.
We gave him a Priesthood Blessing (A blessing of Comfort) As I say the words that the Spirits directs me to say, My tears keeps rolling down to my cheeks. I felt so much joy after giving him a blessing especially when we saw him crying.
Sigh... I know that Heavenly Father will help him.

We had a Trainer- Trainees Meeting last Thursday, It was really AWESOME!
And me and my Trainer are improving in many different ways.
I am struggling in having a Good Attitude. I don't know but the Trainer-Trainee's Meeting helped me a lot.
I just can't deny the fact that Ups and Downs in Missionary Work exist... Before I really thought this work is easy, as easy as 123... But now to be way honest, It's so hard. But I am learning a lot, and I Love it. Sometimes, I can't help myself but cry.
I prayed really hard to our Father in Heaven, for help. and I have a strong testimony that He answers my Prayers.
I can see that Me and my Companion are teaching our Investigators more effectively.
Right now, I am struggling about managing my romantic feelings to a one member here in our Branch, She's not from our area, But On Sundays, Every time I saw her, I have this weird feeling. I am not in love with her, But In my eyes she's Beautiful.
I am not thinking of her every day, Just on Sundays, ( I mean every time I saw her). I talked about this to my Companion, and he gave me suggestions and Ideas to stop what I'm feeling or thinking to this Sister. And I am willing and striving to avoid this feeling. I am looking forward for your help. I Love Being A Missionary!
Please do me a favor guys, Please Send me letters, or something, I am so jealous to the other missionaries who receives a letter each week. :(
And also, Anyone who has a free time, Can You please send me Lindsey Stirling's Orchestral Songs, and Also The Piano Guys's Songs, And Peter Hollens Christmas Songs too. Thanks a Bunch!
That's all for today. Enjoy your Joy! I Miss You All! I Love You All!
Keep me in touch...

*Brother Raver (Cutest Kid I Know)

*Family Home Evening at the Reyes Family

*Eating Mcdo with My Tatay

*Elder Tufele ( Our Zone Leader, Goes Home this Week)

*Reeses My Favorite!!!


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Monday, January 19, 2015

1 Month in my Area! (Trike Accident)

Hello Everyone!!! How are you guys doing? It's been a month since I got here in my 1st area. BONGABON, NUEVA ECIJA! And that 1 month was really a great month for me.

So, Last week was a blast!!! Last Monday Night. we worked in one of our areas, and We Found a Family named Bautista Family. They are so AWESOME! I love this Family. They listened to our message, and that time the spirit was really strong! They understood the message of The Restoration of the Gospel, answers our questions perfectly, and I asked them if they are willing to follow Jesus Christ's example by being baptized, then... they said YES!!! their baptism date's on Feb 21. after that lesson, me and my Companion was like jumping up and down in so much joy. It's just that Family is really golden. I Love them so much. and they said that they want to hear more about our message. So, we are going to focus on them. 

Then,last Thursday, We had our Zone Interviews with our Mission President, (My first Zone Interview) It was really a good day for me! I Love talking to President Clark. I've felt their love for us. I am so surprised to hear him speak Tagalog to me. the Interviews went well. He asked me if How's my 1st Area, How's my Companion, and How's my Physical and Spiritual Health. then, after the Interviews, we ate Lunch (American Lunch) Cookies, Chips, Sandwiches, And a glass of Royal. We then went home and worked.

Friday! On Fridays we're having our Weekly Planning. Weekly Planning takes forever to finish!!! But I LOVE IT!!! Me and my Companion were doing our best setting Goals for the week. Weekly Planning is not just a normal Planning, It should be a Spiritual Planning.
We found a Guy in Brgy. Mantile(one of our area) named Randel Fajardo!!! We found him washing his Motorcycle outside his house, so, We talked to him and found out his real personality! I was really scared to him.... Why?
He's a former Iglesia Ni Cristo, a Murderer, A Drug User, and the Police's been keeping an eye to him.
He told us his Scary and Sad Story. What scared me was I saw a Gun at his waist!!! SO, I was like, MAN! There's a bunch of people in this area. Why him??? But I was touched by his story. I've felt that He Wants to Change. So, Our lesson with him was really AWESOME! He even invited us to have lunch the next Day. He's Nice, But I'm still scared.

Saturday, We came back to Randel Fajardo, He offered us Lunch! We taught him and He said that He wants to Change. So, It was really AWESOME! We promised him that we will do our best to help him change through the Gospel. (He even offered me his Samurai, But I refused to accept it. Haha. I don't have anything to use with that Samurai) One more thing! One ouf our Investigator was permitted to get baptized this January 31! We are so blessed! And We found a new Investigator The Moratal Sisters, names are Arriane and AJ. they are both nice We gave them a Baptism date on February 28. 

Sunday, YEAH! We had 12 Investigators who attend Church! It's really A Blessing for us. I can now see the fruits of our HARDWORK and OBEDIENCE!
It rained so hard this day. In the afternoon, We went to Brgy. Pesa. Sister Judy Ann(Recent Convert) and Bro. Francisco(Branch Mission Leader) worked with us. We taught Bro. Aljon(recent convert) and Family Pesa(Golden Husband and Wife Investigator) The Pesa Family gave us Snickers(From Dubai) and Big White Onions (from their Farm)! It's my first time to see white onions in person! They're huge! later that night, I had an accident My Toes got run over by a Trike! It hurts so BAD! I can't even walk normally. It really hurts until now. I texted the Wife of our Mission President. She gave me list of things to do. Well, I am now in Pain. and I am praying and hoping that my right foot will get better as soon as possible.
That's all for today. I Miss You All! please take good care of yourself... Have a great week to come!


*Me Taking a SELFIE with my Tatay at the back

*That's me and my Desk


*My Poor Toes

*Snickers from DUBAI



Monday, January 12, 2015

ELDER ORDEJAN's 1st Baptism!

Happy Monday!
So, as what you can see in my Subject Heading! Yeah! I had my 1st Baptism last Saturday January 11, 2015)
Before that I would like to share the things that happened to me last week...

Tuesday: We started our day jogging to Brgy. Pesa(One of our areas) We jogged 10 kilometers! We were so tired and our body sores until Wednesday. Then, we had 7 lessons and, I finally met Sister Pesa! (She just barely arrived from Dubai, visiting her Children, She's a Teacher for almost 30 Years! She's way Smart!!! Today, Homesickness strikes again. after our jogging, I went to our room and started packing my things. I don't know. I feel like going home. My Companion again talked to me. He helped me realized the things that I sacrificed before my Mission. I got motivated, then I started apologizing to him about being stupid. Well, for me, I still find it hard to adjust in Missionary Life. But now, I know what, where, and who am I going to focus with.

Wednesday: We had 5 lessons and, what stood out to me in this day was a Grandma named Sister Juliana (One of our Investigators in Brgy. Pesa, Mother of  Sis. Pesa, she's like 87 years old?) She's hilarious! She's smart too! I just laughed about how she creates sentences, She uses old and deep Tagalog words! She also went to Dubai with her Daughter. She describes the Elevator as the Moving Door! HAHAHAHA!

Thursday: We had our Zone Meeting Training, Our Zone Leaders shared the things that they've learned from their meeting with our Mission President! I am so happy about our Mission's Progress! Our theme for this year is REAL GROWTH!!! Sounds awesome right? Well, It is really perfect for me! I really need REAL GROWTH as a Missionary. They've taught us Awesome Lessons. That helped me to better understand my purpose! The Philippines Angeles Mission's Baptism Goal for this year is 1800 Baptisms! Pretty high huh? but we are sure that we are going to achieve it!!! We had 5 Lessons today. We taught a guy named Bro. Dennis (The one I OYM'ed when we had our splits) It was really a great lesson! He now understands the purpose of life.

Friday: I cant remember enough! I am so focused  for our Baptism on Saturday! Hahahaha!

Saturday: YEAH! The BIG Day! @ 6:00 pm We had our Baptism service for Sister  Kimberly Napao! My First Baptism! It's just a cool feeling to baptize a Child of God! She bores her testimony with a BIG SMILE on her face! The Spirit was really strong. and We will never stop to help and serve the Children of God here in Bongabon. Sis. Kim is a good start for me. I am so motivated to focus more on my Mission!!!

Sunday: Yeah! I was also able to Participate in confirming Sister Kim at the Sacrament Meeting! I am so happy! Enough said. :) We had 9 Investigators who came to Church! Another awesome news!!! :)
Then after the Sunday Service we Went to Brgy. Mantile (one of our areas) and taught one of our Investigator named Bro. Miranda (He's way weird, but he's very smart) He has ideas like filming the Book of Mormon on the National TV. I don't know, but He's really weird. He said that he's been doing research about the Church. And He's telling us about inventions and stuff. Whew! really weird! but I still love him! and I am willing to serve him and help him receive the Gospel in his life. :)

That's all for today.

Monday, January 5, 2015

ONE MONTH in The Mission Field!

Hello to Everyone! Happy 2015!
Last Week was an Amazing Week for me. We are focusing on Sis. Reyes, a Part Member, we were teaching them with her 3 Kids. They are a part members, her husband was a member, and also her oldest daughter was a member. her husband is a less active member while her daughter is active in the Church. They have Baptism Goal Dates on Feb. 14. We are so excited for them. and we are also focusing on Sister Kimberly Napao, She's also a Part Member, She's so excited for her baptism on Jan. 10th. She passed the Interview. That means she's my first baptism in My Mission. I am so happy that she choose me to baptize her. And also, A recent convert named Sister Judy Ann Napao worked with us last Friday. That was her first time to do Missionary Work. I was in a splits that time. I worked in Kaingin( one of our areas) with Bro. Bilmar and Sis. Judy Ann. While Elder Armatage worked at Brgy. Pesa with Bro. Francisco and Sister Marites. I've learned a lot from that experience, And We had our 1st Companionship Exchanges last saturday. I worked with Elder Bayani in their Area. It's a little bit hard for me, because, I don't know anyone in their area. but that Experience also helped me to adjust new things to myself as a Missionary. Well, Today is Jan. 5th. It's been a month since I started my Mission. I entered the MTC last Dec. 5th. and I cant stop and ask myself if Where did the time go? It really flies by so Fast!!! It's kinda sad to think that I only have 23 months to serve the Lord. But I am not focusing on that. I am as focused as laser to the Children of our Heavenly Father that needs to change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Me and my companion are doing great! We are doing our very best to serve the people here in Bongabon. I am so lucky and blessed to have him as my Trainer. There are times that we had Ups and Downs, But He taught me a lot of Inspiring and Motivating stories from his own experience. Which really helped me to Learn, Apply, and Live it as its best. That's all for now.
I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father's Love and Mercy.
I Love the Philippines Angeles Mission!
I Love My Companion, and I Love Being A Missionary!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Our Email Time is always on Monday Noontime or Afternoon. 

*Fireworks outside our Apartment

*Members during our Companionship Exchanges

*A View from one of our Area

*Me and my Companion (Please Read what we wrote)

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