Monday, October 26, 2015

Spiritual solid!

Hello Everyone!
How was your Week?
It's gonna be a short letter today...
Overall Our Week was Good.
Last Wednesday I interviewed one of the Investigators of Elder Jaca and Elder Teasdale. Her name is Cedel Bautista... I can't still believe that I have the authority to Interview People for Baptism. Sister Cedel has a Solid Testimony of The Restored Gospel. I ended the Interview by asking "Why Do You want to get Baptized?"
Her answer touched my Heart. We have the same Family Background.
She testified that She decided to get baptized because She needs to.
She got baptized, last October 23.
We had a Community Service Project last Thursday, We Chopped some Trees.
And I got Blisters! The Service was really Fun. I Love helping People!
Flood was all over our Areas. The Flood lasted yesterday. But we are Flood Free now! I Love workin in a Dry Land!
Being A District Leader is really Stressful, But I am Learning a lot, and I am Loving it. Our Area is Crazy Big!!! I am still learning the routes that leads to our Teaching Appointments. But I am 75% Sure that I can now Lead Our Area. :)
So, I forgot to tell you that I am assigned in Moncada 2nd Branch, and besides that We have A Home Group that is 10-15 mins. away from Moncada. It is San Manuel Group. We have 15-20 Members attending there. So, every Sunday We attend 2 Sacrament Meetings. It's really cool right?
October 29th We are going to have a Baptismal Service for The Turqueza Family that we've been teaching for awhile. They are Solid! They're Super Nice!
I believe that they are Ready for the 29th. We are all excited for them.
I am still a Spiritual Solid, I am enjoying My Life as a Missionary, And I am Inviting you to be one Of The Spiritual Solids!
That's all for today...
*I ate Snails Last Week! They're really Good!
*Spiritual Solid Means (A Gospel Converted Person) Basically my Idea. :)

Love: Elder Ordejan
"Stop Being A Slave Of Sin"
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Flood, Typhoon, CSP
*Sister Cedel Bautista

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bikes and Super Typhoon!

Dear Everyone! 
Last Week was a Crazy Week for us!!!
A lot of things happened last week...

Monday: I told my Housemates(Elder Jaca, Elder Teasdale, and Elder Hagen (My Companion) that we should obey The Dinner Schedule. That is one of the things that they Disobey since I got here. Glad that They are doing it now. It brings a lot of change! It's True that Sometimes you must be Bold but not Overbearing!
I Love My district!  I Love being a District Leader! Here's the names of the Missionaries in My District:
Elder Branzuela and Elder Green
Elder Jaca and Elder Teasdale
And Me and My Companion!

Wednesday:I had an Opportunity to have an exchanges With Elder Jaca.
He is one of my Housemates and His Companion is Elder Teasdale. I worked in their area. Elder jaca is a pretty new Missionary in this Mission, about 4 months old. And He is such a Good Missionary. He is a Visa Waiter. His Original Mission is in Guam. He is just temporarily assigned in Our Mission while his Visa is still on the Process.

Thursday: I had an Opportunity to conduct an Exchanges with Our Zone Leaders (The Zone Leaders are in my District) The Purpose was to Interview The Turqueza Family in Our Area for their Baptismal Interview. I had a chance to work with Elder Green (My Follow Up Trainer, When I was still in my 1st Area|) I worked in their area.
I Really Love their Area!!! Why? They have Bikes in their Area! So Awesome right?!
I'll send you videos and Pictures of us Biking!!! I am so glad that Elder Green didn't change (I'm talking about his Personality) But His Spirituality and Countenance as a Missionary Leveled Up!!! He is an Amazing Missionary!!! I Love him a lot!

Friday: We had our Zone Interviews with our Mission President!
I really love Zone Interviews! The Workshops of our Mission President and His Wife, The Assistants, and The Zone Leaders/Sister Training Leaders were Great! I Learned a lot!

Sunday: No Church, Lockdown inside our Apartment, Because of The Super Typhoon! We are really blessed that We were all safe. We are also blessed because We Listened to the Counsels of Our Leaders that We should have Our 72 Hour Kit Ready. So, We were able to survive our Needs because We have Our 72 Hour Kits Ready. God Is still merciful to all of his Children. He Knows our Needs and He will be with us Forever as long as We keep on Praying, Reading The Scriptures and Obey all of His commandments. (In short Be Faithful till The End)

Our Companionship seems a little different than my Last Companionship.
I think I need to Develop more Patience, Charity, and Humility to my Current Companion. I am trying My best to be a Good Companion for him. I would always read one of my favorite verse in Doctrine and Covenants to help me. (Doctrine and Covenants 12:8)

That's all for today.
Always Keep In Touch With God Everyone!

Philippines Angeles Mission

Bikes! :) :) :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

A District Leader, A Translator, New Area & People!

Good Day!
Last Week was full of Sadness, and Joy!
Sadness? I got transferred!!! I am now In Moncada Tarlac, (Paniqui Zone)
I felt that my heart was crushed in pieces when our zone leaders announced that I'm transferring. The Heartache was even worst when I started visiting the most special people in my last area for the last time. It was hard for me to leave them. They are all Dear to my heart. It's also a stab in a heart leaving Elder Naylor. He is Totally Awesome. I miss him already. I know He will make and bring more Miracles in Lupao! Just like what I said, I am now here in Moncada Tarlac, (Paniqui Zone). We have housemates in our Apartment, (Elder Jaca and Elder Teasdale)
My Companion is Elder Hagen, He is from Salt Lake City, Utah. He's 19, And He is originally from India Mission. He is just here temporarily. They are waiting for the process of their Visa's, Then, they will go back to India. He is Awesome!
He doesn't speak Tagalog, So, I am now an Official Tagalog Translator.
It's REALLY HARD to TRANSLATE English into Tagalog!!! But We are doing really well when it comes to Teaching! :) It is so funny listening to our Filipino Members, and Investigators speak English. They are really trying their Best to speak English to My Companion. hahaha!
Well, Our Area is huge! And I am Lovin it! People here are Amazing! 
Anyway, The Special Assignment that my Mission President gave me was... I am now a DISTRICT LEADER!!!
It was really Unexpected!!! I don't know the Reason why, But I know that the Lord Knows. I will do my 100% Best to magnify this Calling!!!
General Conference was really Good! I learned a lot!!!
That's all for today. Sorry for this Short letter. I Love You All!

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Elder Naylor and Me!
*New Companion, New Area, New People
*My Zone Leaders(Elder Green, was my Follow Up Trainer before, Now, He's my Zone Leader)(We're eating Krispy Kreme)
*Brother Jomar Oli and Me(Brother Oli was assigned in my Home Ward before I serve a Mission, Now, I am assigned in His Ward. Small World!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

My 10 Month Mark!

Short Letter for today...
Why? My Companion is sick (since yesterday)
I tried to be a Nurse/Doctor to him since Yesterday.
He's doing somewhat okay now.
Good News! One of our Investigator (Marites M.) passed the Interview! She will be baptized on Wednesday Afternoon (hopefully) right after the Transfer Announcements.
Elder Naylor and I are Super Excited for her Baptism.
And Yes! Today is October 5, 2015... That means
I'm 10 Months Old in The Field now!!! hahaha.
Where did the time go???
10 Months without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
10 Months without Family and Friends.
10 Months without Personal Life.
10 Months without The Worldly Things of The Earth.
I am Proud to say that I never said that  The Mission's not gonna be easy, But It's all Worth it!!!
I Love being a Missionary!
Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Sunday.
I think Yesterday was the Best Day of my Mission Life!!!
Elder Naylor and I have been teaching a Young Man named Angelo (for 2 Weeks now). We found him through OYM'ing.
The first time we met him, We invited him to read the Book Of Mormon and ask God if its True. He accepted The Invitation. He also accepted our Invitation to follow Christ's Example through baptism.
We also invited him to Come To Church. He has been attending Church twice now.  Yesterday was his 2nd Time.
We all know that It's Fast and Testimony Sunday Right?
We were listening to the Members speak and share their Testimony, then Suddenly Angelo(our Investigator)
stood up and went straight to The Pulpet and started Speaking. All The members including us dropped our Jaws. when We saw him stand and Speak.
He shared how We found him, and He also shared his Quest of Asking God about The Book of Mormon. 
The following words of Brother Angelo stabbed my Heart with Joy. He stated (standing in the Pulpet)...
``To all those who asked about the truthfulness of The Book Of Mormon, and If you received and answer that it's True. We should not Ignore it''
Woooh! I'm still having this Chills everytime I try to remember it. I will really treasure that line from an Investigator. He's Amazing! 
Yes, Transfer Announcement will be on Wednesday.
I don't know what to expect. haha. I believe that Everything will still be Well No matter What.
That's all for today.

*No Pictures