Monday, June 29, 2015

My 19th Birthday Today!, My 10th Baptism next Week!

Hello Everyone!!!
Hurray! It's my 19th Birthday!!! Oh My Goodness!
I am now 19 Years Old! hahahaha. Getting older now.
Well, I do have Fever right now, It started 2 days ago. 
But I am feeling better now.:)
The Members here Greets me in advance yesterday.
They're The Best! I don't have any idea what to do today.
But, What we wrote in our planners is to Work, & Find People To Teach!
Our Work Week last Week was a little low compared to our last last week's Work. But in the Bright side, We had 9 Investigators that attended the Church Service Yesterday! So far that is my record here in Lupao.
Our Investigators really knows & understands the Meaning and Importance of coming to Church. :) They Loved The Church.
We are also focusing on our 6 Investigators. They are all so Amazing!
2 of them are Part Members, and 4 of them are Referrals. They have Baptismal Dates on the 18th and 25th of July. I Love teaching these People. They really are an Elect of God. 
Another Great News, Sis. Irene Marzan passed the Interview!
Sis. Irene has a Speech Problem, But It was a Miracle, that She Passed it.
Our District Leader who interviewed her said, that She answered The Questions right, He added; She has a Strong Desire to be Baptized.
I really testify to what He said. I am a witness of her Strong Desire and Testimony! And I am super excited for her Baptism on the 4th of July!
Me and My Trainee are still better and better.
Being a Trainer and Leading everything is a kind of a hard calling as a Missionary.
I am teaching him the principle of "I Will Be The One"
I sometimes get frustrated if he doesn't do  things that he should do, like Updating The Area Book, and Doing some Household Chores. In his 1st Week here I taught him everything that we should do and we should not do  as missionaries. He is still learning and applying it, step by step. He is still a QUIET PERSON, never talk to me if I don't start talking.
In this situations,
I just calmly sit, and said "Man! I Love Being A Trainer!"
I really do admire his diligence to work, and his skills at teaching.
I Love My companion. and we are working in Harmony & Unity.
That's all for today,
I wish for a Great and Marvelous Week to come for all of us!
Don't forget to Read and Pray Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!


Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, June 22, 2015

We Are One!, My 19th Birthday Next Week!

Hello Everyone!
What a Busy Week we had last week!!!
June 17, We had our Mission Tour/Zone Conference Elder Bowen of the Seventy and The 1st counselor of the Area Presidency of The Philippines came with his Wife and shared a Wonderful Message!
Sister Clark shared something about The Principle of Loving One Another,
President Clark shared
WORKING in UNITY (We Are One in the Work of Salvation),
Sister Bowen shared The Power of The Book of Mormon,
And Elder Bowen shared Obedience, and The Abrahamic Covenant!
I Love their Talks! I learned so much stuff in their messages.
So much things to apply and re-apply as Missionaries.
Elder Bowen said that The Missionaries in The Philippines Angeles Mission is Lacking Of Power!
It was a good Reminder for me.
Elder Bowen challenged us to have 30 OYM's Everyday! OYM is "An OYM may be counted when you have opened your mouth and at least attempted to extend an invitation to a nonmember individual."
After Elder Bowen said that All the Missionaries (I think I'm included)
said, WOAH!!! hahahaha. It was a BIG Surprise for us.
The Next Day, Me and My Trainee achieved 30 OYM's!!! We were so tired and Happy that Day. But the next following Days we were not able to Achieve it. But we are trying our very Best!
Yesterday, Our MCM (Missionary Coordination Meeting) with the Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionaries, was really Spiritual, We discussed about Our Work in their Ward, They really Appreciate our Work. Then, They told us about The Slow Progress of their Ward,
(We talked about The Less Active members, The Recent Convert of the previous missionaries who became Less Actives, and The Organization of their Ward)
They feel like giving up, and tired of doing The Work. We Cheered them up, shared some Verses, and Our Testimonies. That Time I feel also the same, But I am not showing it to them, We have Progressing Investigators here but Most of the Members here are Less Actives. While The Closing Prayer was said I was silently crying because of their Situation, The Ward Missionaries noticed it, & They Comforted me.
Now I am again beginning to Feel The Stress and Hardship of Missionary Work (Being a Trainer & Leading Everything). But right now I am fully recovered of Stress. I had enough in my First Area. Stress won't bother me any longer anymore. I just feel Bad for the Ward Missionaries here.They are tremendously doing great in helping us with the Work. I Love this Area! And I know that there's a Reason Why we're here.
Me and My Trainee are doing GREAT! In our 3 Weeks together, I can tell you guys that He is a SILENT PERSON! He never talks if you don't start it. Haha
A Missionary with such a Quiet Dignity! Well I am so Happy that he is doing what I say. He's a Hardworker and Obedient Missionary.
On The 26th of June One of our investigator is going to be interviewed by our District Leader. We are doing our Best to Prepare her. I would like to ask you, to Pray for her too. :)
That was Our Week. And All I can Say is #ItsTheBEST!
Wait, By the Way, I am going to Celebrate My 19th Birthday next Monday(June 29th)
Please don't forget to send me Gifts! hahahaha.
Here is My Mission Address:ELDER ORDEJAN
F. TaƱedo Street, Barangay San Nicolas

Tarlac City, Tarlac 2300
Don't forget to Pray and Read The Scriptures Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!
That's All for Today,
Keep me in touch...

Philippines Angeles Mission
*No Pictures (I still don't have a Camera)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Still Training, Meet The Mormons,"I WILL BE THE ONE", & UPCOMING MISSION TOUR!

Hello Everyone! Kamusta kayo?

Yes, I'm still Training... Well, We had a Good Week last week.
We are still keeping track for our Investigators with Baptism Goal Dates.
Me & my Trainee are helping them Anchor their Faith through Daily Reading Of The Scriptures, Daily Prayer, & Attending Church. So Far They are Doing Well, & They're in Good Progress.
Last Thursday We had A Zone Training Meeting, (I Lost My Camera in the Jeepney)
The meeting turned out really great!
I learned a lot from the Zone Leaders. Especially When we discussed about "What Resources do we have as Missionaries to Help Members & Investigators attend Church on Sunday".

Last Saturday, We were able to Watch the Movie, "MEET THE MORMONS"
Oh, How I Love that Movie! I Love each Stories, I Feel so Inspired & Proud that I belong to The True Church of Jesus Christ. After Watching that Movie, It Increased My Application to this Quote to myself "Learn Like Him, Teach Like Him, Serve Like Him, Love Like Him, & Be Like Him!"

Yesterday, We had a special Area Broadcast, We went to San Jose for The Broadcast.
I was really Happy seeing Our Investigators wearing their Sunday Dress. :)
They are such an Amazing People, I never thought that they will attend the Broadcast Because San Jose is way Far from Lupao. But In my Surprise They did! After The broadcast I asked them if How's The Broadcast, They Said, "It Was Great!" So Happy that they liked it!
I was Inspired by the Quote, "I WILL BE THE ONE"
 I am wondering in Awe, for this Very Sacred Responsibility to Serve, Teach, & Love this People.
The Ward Leaders & Members are still doing Great! Our Ward Mission Leader was kinda telling us that he's tired of magnifying his Calling. I Was kinda Sad when He told us about it, But What We did was We Cheered him up and shared our Testimonies to him.
Also My Trainee Celebrated his 22nd Birthday Yesterday!
The Ward gave him A Dinner Birthday Party! It Was really Fun!

That's All for Today,
Always Remember,
I Love You All!
Read The Book of Mormon & Pray, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday!

Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, June 8, 2015

6 Months in the Field, and I'm Training!!! (Tatay na)

Hello Everyone!
Well, Last Wednesday was our Transfer Announcements, My companion (Elder Webster) got transferred. So, The Zone Leaders announced who my companion will be... I was really surprised when they announced that I am going to Train!!!
My zone mates were also surprised that I am going to train already. I'm not bragging about it nut in my batch I'm the first one to train a Missionary.
So, Wednesday night We went to Cabanatuan (2 hours ride from San Jose) and spent our Night in the Apartment of the Cabanatuan Zone Leaders.
Thursday morning @ 6:00 a.m We went all the way to Tarlac to pick up my Trainee (My 1st Anak) (Our Mission Office is located in Tarlac, and It took us for an hour and a half to get there)
We arrived in Tarlac around 8:00 a.m. We went to our Mission Office and We had my 1st Trainer's Council Meeting. After the Whole thing I am Proud to introduce to you my First Trainee (Anak) He is Brother Villamor!!!
Yes, You're right He's not an Elder, Because He's a Short Term Missionary.
We will just be together for 6 Weeks. He is from Moncada Tarlac, He's 21 Years Old, Speaks Ilocano and Tagalog. Well, I am so happy to Train him here in The Angeles Mission for 6 Weeks. I am so Lucky to have him, See him Grow, Change, and reach his full potential. So far we are now together for 4 Days, And I can tell you that He's The Best! He Loves to Work, He's Obedient, He's Teachable, He's Really Nice, And He is AWESOME! :)
Currently We are following the 12 Weeks Program.
I don't know but It's so weird that I'm Training, It feels like My Trainer just Trained me Yesterday, But Now, I'm the one that's Teaching & Leading.
Our Mission President said that The Lord Trusted us for this Extra Ordinary Calling. And just like what Spider-Man said,
"With Great Power (Calling), comes Great Responsibilities"
I believe that, If there is Goodness, there is Kindness, and If there is kindness there is Love, and If there's Love, there is MIRACLES!
As Trainer and Trainee, that will be the Key for us To work in Unity and Harmony of the Gospel. I really want to make sure that I live in a way that I can be proud to be me, live in a way that will uplift others, live in a way that makes God proud. Because a lot of people are watching. Then I thought a bit deeper: No matter how big or small we feel our impact is, each of us have
people in our lives who listen to and learn from us (by our words or our actions) and they watch how we behave.
Some Impacts cause Sacrifices. Sacrificing for things you Love and Cherish are essential for us to Learn more, Love More, and Serve More.
Anyways, My Week was really Wonderful. We are still focusing in our Investigators with Baptismal Dates.
That's all for today.
Always Remember,
I Love You All!
Read, Proverbs 3:5-6 (My Favorite Scripture)

*Transfer Announcement Pictures (Transferring Missionaries)

*Me and My Trainee (Anak)

Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

My 9th BAPTISM! Transfers are coming!

Hello Everyone? HAPPY JUNE 1st!!!
I can't believe it?! I am already 6 months in the field! Time is kickin really fast!
So, Last Week was a BLAST!!! We found 9 New Investigators, 3 Less Active Members, and We had 1 Baptism...
We found this 9 New Investigators By Our Personal Efforts.
2 of them are Part members. They have Baptism Goal Dates on July 11th, and July 4th.
Names are:
Rose Pinile
Gerald Pinile
Lourdes Pinile
Agnes Pinile
Quennie Pomantoc
Angela Pomantoc
Justin Osias
Julie Osias
Dolores Altejos
4 of them are cousins (the Osias and Pomantoc, And they are really amazing! They are always excited to listen to our Message, They always ask us after the lesson, If when are we going back to teach them.
The Pinile is a Family that we found through OYM. They are so receptive, and nice. But Yesterday when we went to their house to pick them up, Sister Lourdes came and said that we Can't come to your Church, and her mother came came and Said, Elders My Husband said We can't listen to you anymore... When I heard that line, I felt like a Lightning struck my heart... I tried to respond positively to her. We bore our testimonies and said that we are happy to come back and teach them.
A rejection from the Investigators are really one of the most Painful Part of being a Missionary. Your FAITH will be tested in this Situation. Where you need to choose between Giving up on them or to BELIEVE that you can ACHIEVE your Visions for them. I Have Faith that the Lord prepared these People. It's just up to us How we react on this situations. As One of The Armies of God, Being Like The Savior is the Key to Success.
Also My 9th Baptism happened Last Saturday!!!
The Ward Leaders and some of the Members came to support and witness his Baptism. Seeing your Investigators immersed in the water will always be a heart melting scene for me. One soul has been saved...
And The Work here is not yet done.
To be Honest, I was filled with Great Joy this whole week.
This Week was really one of the Best Week so far in this Area.
Anyways, Transfer Day will be on June 3rd. And I don't have a feeling being transferred. My Companion feels that He's transferring. But We will see... :)
So, That's all for today... :)

Always Remember to PRAY & READ THE BOOK OF MORMON,


*Hiking Just Earlier (We are wearing our District T-Shirts)

      Philippines Angeles Mission