Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello February!

Hello, Everyone!!!
Happy February!!! Knowing that it is the 2nd Month of the Year makes me cry...
Why? I have 10 months left in the Mission Field... I am not counting it, i am just being realistic. I can't believe How Fast the time is...
Anyway, Last Week was a Good Week...
Last week I have been teaching my Trainee about The Planning Sessions.
As a result He is now Familiar and capable to Lead in our Planning Sessions.
He is a Fast Learner, but still shy or scared to unleash his full potential as a Missionary. Elder Berdin is such an Awesome Missionary.
We found 9 New Investigators last week which I can consider as a Miracle.
To be honest it is hard to Find Investigators, But If you have Faith and Desire to go out and talk to every single person you can see in the street.
You will find those that the Lord is preparing to serve the Restored Gospel.
I definitely Love our Area, We have been applying the Programs of our mission and one of them is the Follow Up 200.
Follow Up 200 is:
Daily Visits with Investigators
Book Of Mormon Usage (to every Lesson)
Work in the Focus Area (Must be near the Church, etc.)
Lesson Staffing (Right Fellowshipper for a Specific Investigator)
We are receiving success by following our Mission's Programs.
We do not need to walk more than 30 minutes anymore because our focused area is really close to our Apartment, and 5 of our Investigator lives in this area.
I also Love applying the Lesson Staffing, Which is helping your Investigator to find his or her "FRIEND" which Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said.
My Trainee now knows our area and is capable of leading to our appointments.
I think I can now leave Moncada, haha. I am almost 5 Months here.
Before my mission started I was hoping to have at least 8 or 7 areas to serve, But I think that's not possible now. For I only have 10 months left.
But The Lord knows whats best, I will never rely in my own wisdom and strength.
Last Friday, Our 2 Investigators was interviewed for Baptism.
(Sister Lady Rose, and Brother Alijandro) They both passed the Interview.
But Bro. Alijandro told us something interesting...
that I think I cannot share with you, because I think this is something I can personally treasure. He will be interviewed again tomorrow by our Mission President.
I would like to inform you my goals after my mission.
(Many of you have been asking me about it)
1st, I would like to go to US, to study or work at the same time, If someone helps me.
2nd, If I can't go to US, I will study and work here.
*I will find the right girl for me while I'm studying and Working*
But as of now, My Heart is still locked, and I still need to finish what I started here.
So, That is all for today.
You are all in my Prayers.
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Late Christmas Conference Pictures

Sunday, January 24, 2016

20 Referrals!!!

Hello Everyone!
Well, I think last week was my very tiring week here in my 3rd Area...
My trainee and I have been following the 12 Week Program for Trainers and Trainees. We've been focusing on Finding People to teach and How to work with our Branch Leaders and Members last week.
The results are Amazing!!! Our Branch Mission Leader lives right next to our Apartment, which is really Awesome. We shared to our Branch Mission Leader and our Branch President what we learned in the workshops of our Mission Leaders in our Zone Interviews.
They both reacted for what we have shared and they decided to held an Activity, (A One Day Mission Activity).
They talked to the Branch Missionaries and asked for our help.
They asked us if we can give them a training How to do Missionary Work, I pondered for awhile and I think this is part of our Job as Ministers, So, my Trainee and I said Yes.
The Activity happened last Friday...
And as a Result, We received 20 referrals from the Branch as part of their Activity. Until now, I can't still believe that We received 20 referrals in 1 Day!!!
This will mark as a Testimony for me How Powerful Members can do in Missionary Work.
They are a BIG part of this Work. I am grateful for our Branch Members and Leaders.
It takes time to get the Trust of the members especially our Branch Leaders. But I can promise you that Miracles will start to Grow when Members and Branch or Ward Leaders trusts us as Missionaries.
Our Week was Fantastic!!!
My Trainee is a born Comedian... Hahahaha.
I can't stop laughing when he tells jokes and some of his experiences before his mission.
We are both doing well, We are Obedient, and always aiming to achieve our goals every day.
So, for this Week We have 2 investigators that are to be interviewed on Friday.
Names are
Alijandro A. and Ladyrose C.
Ladyrose C. reads the Book Of Mormon really fast!!! We taught her for only 4 weeks and She is now in Alma Chapter 49, She would always summarize every principle that she learned each time we visit.
While Alijandro A. can't wait for his interview and Baptism, He worked in Australia for 20 Years I guess? He was baptized in a baptist church in Australia and was a Strong Member, But He is now willing to change everything, And He wants to be an example to his Family.
We are both excited for this 2 Wonderful People. 
Friday is their Interview, So, Please don't forget to pray for them.
Lately, I am Stressed not as a Trainer but because of My Housemates, My Patience is running out, I am a Clean Person, (My Trainer taught me well) and I hate Dirty things.
My Housemates are not really good at maintaining the cleanliness of our Apartment (especially the Kitchen).
My Trainee sometimes complains about it, Since He started complaining, It made me aware of the Examples of other missionaries showing to him, So, I cleaned every mess and dirt that our Housemates could leave.
But, after cleaning it, a few hours later it is Dirty again!!!
So, I decided not to clean every mess they leave.
And it went to not talking to them for 2 Days, and Last Saturday, I finally talked to them and talked about the issue.
They both agreed to clean the house every now and then.
Now, Our Apartment is Clean!!!
I Love My Kabahays!
We have Big Plans for this Week.
I Pray and Hope that your week will be well with you!!!
I Love You, and God Loves You!
Read 1 Nephi 11:17.
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*With the Branch Missionaries
*Biking in the Morning

Sunday, January 17, 2016

We Baptize and Rescue

Hello Everyone!

Well, our week was wonderful...
This past 2 Weeks we have been working in Rescuing.
Last Sunday We accomplished our goal for our 2 Less Active members, they are now Less Active Returned...
Same thing happened yesterday 2 of the Less active members that we were focusing finally became Less Active Returned. We have been teaching them for awhile.
It is a blessing for us to Rescue those who are WEAK IN FAITH, those who are LESS INVOLVED. It gives me good feeling to see their Testimonies shining gloriously.
Also, We received a good amount of referrals last week, and we contacted some of them, one of the referral we received lives far far away from our focused area and from the Church. We walked for more than an hour which is not a good idea.
We were super tired after we arrive and found her house, Her neighbor talked to us and said that She wasn't there. My trainee and I were so disappointed...
And at that point I remember our Mission Theme for this Year, "Make thee a Minister and a Witness" Yes, It is tiring to walk for more than an hour under the Hot sun, shedding sweat and dusty road... That is the Spirit of Laman and Lemuel, Always murmuring. I realized that we were like Nephi that time, despite of not knowing how far the person we were going to minister, We still went and do the thing which the Lord wants us to do. True Ministers are the ones who does not murmur, the ones who always say "I will GO and DO"
That experience is all worth it for us.
Leaning from that experience, in our Missionary Coordination Meeting I instructed our Branch Missionaries to give us referrals that lives in our focused areas only as suggested by our Zone Leaders last Wednesday in our District Meeting.
Our Branch Missionaries accepted the challenge.
And, We have been ministering to our Amazing Investigators here.
The results of our ministering are GREAT!
One of them reads 24 Chapters from the Book Of Mormon every other day and every time we teach her, She would always summarize the things that she understood. She makes me cry...
The other one is always excited for his Baptism Day.
He marked the date in all their calendars at their house which is funny for me.
I am still training Elder Berdin...
And we are now in our 4th week of training program.
Elder Berdin is such a wonderful missionary. He loves to roleplay, which I also love to do. I am loving this responsibility, I am teaching my trainee everything that I know, every rules in our mission, every goals, and etc.
I Love my Trainee, and I Love being a Missionary.
I think that's all for today...
I am treasuring in my heart and mind this question right now,
"What lack I yet?
Ask yourself that question in your prayers and you will receive surprising and faith boosting answers...
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Far Area
*Belated Happy 20th Birthday Elder Berdin

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Don't look upon a Trainee as a Trainee

Hello Everyone!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Welcome 2016!!!
The Transfers last Wednesday and Thursday went CRAZY!!!
Monday, Elder Ball left me, He is now in India Bangalore Mission (His Real Mission)
I Miss the guy, He's really a Nice & Humble Person, Had a great 8 Weeks with him.
Tuesday, I was paired with Elder Teasdale & Elder Peterson (New India Missionary)
I worked in Elder Teasdale's area.
Wednesday, It's the Day!!! Transfer Announcement!!!
Everyone in the Zone was really scared and excited...
Well, 5 areas in our Zone got whitewashed. Meaning there is a lot of New Missionaries in our Zone now.
So, Elder Teasdale (My Housemate) is staying & Elder Teasdale's new companion is Elder Teraza ( 6 Months old Missionary) from Pangasinan Philippines.
I am also staying!!! Woooohooo! I still don't wanna leave the area, & I am grateful that I am staying, But I have a Big Responsibility...
I am Training a New Missionary right now, Fresh from the MTC!
This Missionary is my 2nd Trainee (Anak).
His name is Elder Berdin (pronounced as Burden) hahaha.
He is turning 20 on the 10th of January, He is a Filipino!!! (Yay! I'm lucky, I am not yet prepared to train a Foreign Missionary)
He is from Bohol, Philippines, He is Cebuano and He doesn't know how to speak tagalog really well.
Elder Berdin is a Convert as well, He got baptized Year 2014.
He's really a nice person!!! We get along really well. 😇
We are doing great so far, I am helping him with his Tagalog & English.
It seems weird for me, I am teaching a Filipino How to speak our National Language. haha.
This reminds me of my first area, Back when I was with my Wonderful Trainer, Tagalog was also my Best Enemy, Why?
Because people from Visayas & Mindanao Islands does not speak tagalog.
Also, I want him to learn English, He doesn;t know How to speak english, He also wants to learn it. I am grateful for my American Companions and the CLS Book that we have that helped me learn English. haha.
I Love Elder Berdin, and I will do my very best to train him as best as I could.
Elder Berdin does not complain about the Rules and his Responsibilities which is really Awesome!!! He is filled with the principle of Humility.
We are following the Training Program and He is doing good in his part.
Now, New Year's Celebration was crazy! Firecrackers, Fireworks etc. filled the New Years Eve. I have a lot of Goals and Dreams for this Year.
One of them is to be the best out of me. I want to nourish every talents that I have.
And of course there is many more. :)
speaking about New Year...
2 of our Recent convert (Father & Son) had a fight last New Year's Eve with a Drunk Guy who was trying to mess around at our Recent Convert's Store, The Drunk Guy punched the Father So, the Son came & punched the Drunk Guy The Son was only 17 Years old, So when He punched the Drunk Guy, The Drunk Guy Punched him in the face and started beating him in front of the Father.
The Father was helpless and He saw how the Drunk Guy beats his Son.
People came & the Drunk Guy ran...
Our 2 Recent Converts was rescued by some of our Neighbors.
The Next Day, We heard the story and We went to our Recent Convert's store that is at the front of our Apartment. We were sleeping when it happened.
So, Elder Berdin & I talked to the Son, asked him if He's Okay, We decide to share a lesson for them, then he called his Father.
The Father wasn't in the mood and He looks really really mad.
I am so glad that both of them are Fine, We asked them if WE could share a short message, They both said Yes. I said the opening Prayer, After saying the Prayer,
The Father spoke to us and said: "Can I Quit Now???"
I responded, :"Where?!!!"
The Father stated (With a wavering voice): "As A Mormon!"
After He said those words, A Heavy Feeling came in my Heart, & My Brain was emptied in an instant.
My Trainee & I were both speechless for a few minutes.
I was thinking that maybe the Father will stop coming to Church.
That time I really do not know what to reply to the Father.
I Prayed in my heart for the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
And then I was inspired to share the Story of The Anti Nephi-Lehies.
I was prompted to share Alma Chapter 24 verses 12 & 13.
The Presence of the Holy Ghost filled the Room.
I went to hug the Father, and I whispered to him.
"Heavenly Father Loves You"
The Son was also shedding in tears.
This Experience strengthened my Testimony of the Holy Ghost (The Third Chair)
The Holy Ghost will touch the Heart Of the People, and that's what He did to the Father.
I am grateful that The Father, his Wife & his Son came yesterday.
Also, Sister Marinica got baptize last Saturday.
My Trainee's 1st Baptism, And our 1st Baptism for 2016.
The Service was Wonderful.
That's All for today..
Thank You All!
I Love You, & Most Especially...
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Elder Berdin & Me
*Elder Naylor & Me!!!