Sunday, November 29, 2015

1 Year Mark On December 5, and 2 More Baptisms!

Hello Everyone!
Our Week was GREAT!
We had our Zone Conference last Thursday,
I've Learned a lot from our Mission Leaders, They talked about
Sabbath Day Observance, Follow Up 200 (Our Mission's Effective Way of Teaching People, Includes Daily Visits, Focused Area, & Preach My Gospel and Book Of Mormon Usage) and They also talked about Hastening The Work In The Philippines.
I Love Zone Conference! I Love Learning New Things!
I Love Our Mission Leaders!
Friday, 2 Of Our Beloved Investigators was Interviewed by our Zone Leader.
We went on exchanges last Friday, I stayed in our area and worked with Elder Branzuela. The Exchanges was really Good. I Learned a lot from our Zone Leader (Elder Branzuela) He is truly a Teacher that teaches by example. 
I have 2 Big Announcements for you!
1st, Our 2 Beloved Investigators passed the Interview!!!
We are having a Baptism on the 5th of December!
2nd, December 5 is my Year Mark!!!!!!!
Oh My Gosh! Can you Imagine?! I am already 1 year now!
Time is running really Fast! I think I did okay in my 1st Year in the Field, I've Learned a lot, Experienced things I never thought that I will experience, I talked to thousand of People, I've taught Hundreds of Lessons, I was Rejected many times, I was able to Baptize People, I faced a lot of Stress, Problems, Negative sides of Life, I had 8 Companions so far, I had 3 areas so far, I've Learned to Strengthen my Faith, I've Learned How to apply The Atonement to my life, I've Learned To Love Every Individual, I Learned that Obedience Brings Miracle and Disobedience brings Troubles, I've Learned How To Be A Missionary, I've Learned Why and How The Savior Jesus Christ is The Center of Our Lives, I've Learned that Christlike Attributes is the Key to have a Successful Life, and Last but the not the least I've Known my Purpose as a Missionary.
I am Looking forward for a New Year of Life Changing Lessons, Challenges that will Stretch me and make the best out of me, and of course a New Year filled with Purpose and Positiveness. My Motto for Next Year will be;
We are on a Roller Coaster Ride, I used to Expect for things, But Later on I've Learned that It was a wrong choice. Now I will Expect Nothing, and To Appreciate everything that will come to my Life.
That means, I should Be Ready at all times!!!
I am Luck and Grateful for this Wonderful Opportunity to serve as an Army Of the Lord, and I am also Grateful for the People who helped me to be what I am right now!
December, We will be studying about "Real Growth through Service"
I am Excited!
That's all for today, I have a Scripture to read for you;
Doctrine and Covenants 59:7 Ponder it. :)
Have a Great Week!
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*With Elder Branzuela
*Sebayan Family (Our Investigators)
*Turqueza Family (Recent Converts
*Brother Callister (Former Missionary of this Mission)
*Beautiful Sunset

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello, Everyone!
Well, Last Week was a quite normal Week...
We had an exchanges last Saturday, I worked with Elder Jaca in their area.
The Purpose was to interview their Investigator for baptism.
His name is Brother Jensen, He's 20. He is totally Awesome!
Oh, How I Love Interviews! Brother Jensen passed the interviews.
He will be baptized on the 28th.
My Companion and I are struggling to get members work with us in our area.
We also need to find more Investigators. Gladly, We found 3 last week.
We found them through OYM'ing/House to House Contact...
Names are Benjo(20), Loisa(15), and Beth(24). They're siblings.
They are Awesome, Right after We said Good Evening they immediately said Come Inside, after 5 min. of getting to know each other, We shared the Message Of The Restoration. They Listened really well and the Spirit was really Strong.
They even accepted our Invitation to be baptized. God really cares for His Children.
Through this Experience I Learned that We as Missionaries are not alone in this Work. Their are Seen and Unseen Beings helping us with this Work.
I am so much Grateful that The Lord gave me a Mouth to Speak, Ears to Hear, Nose to Smell, Eyes to See, Legs and Arms to  Move and Do whatever I want, Brain to think, and a Wonderful Heart to Feel and To Connect with everything!
All I need to do is to use them wisely.
Anyway, just like I said, We have 2 Areas, a Branch and a Home Group.
Well it is really hard to work in both areas. We are struggling in organizing our plans. We have few Investigators in the Home Group and a lot in the Branch.
Both areas are far from each other...
I know that there's a reason why I'm in this area. I can see the benefits of it now.
It made me stretch, made me focus more in the work, and made me a Multi Tasking Missionary. I Love this Area, I Love The People here, and I Love being a Missionary!
Elder Ball and I are doing Great! I Love him, and Grateful to be with him.
I Love you too! I Pray and Hope that all will be well with you.
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*Astronaut, Christmas in Moncada, Sunset
*My District (District 1)
*Brother Jensen

Sunday, November 8, 2015

David and Goliath, 27th Baptism!

Hello, Everyone!

Well, It will be short today,
First, My Companion (Elder Hagen) got transferred last Wednesday.
Crazy for me. I and my New Companion needs to take care of The Moncada Branch and San Manuel Group now. Elder Hagen and I were just companions for 4 Weeks only.
A little bit sad that He's leaving but, I know for a fact that there is Reason.
Well, my New Companion is Elder Ball, He is 20 Years Old, He is from Boise Idaho, He is also an Indian Missionary (just like Elder Hagen) He's been here in the Philippines for 4 Months, So, Being a Translator is over!!! I was Amazed when We taught our 1st Lesson together, He taught in Fluent Tagalog!!! I am Super Lucky! I am truly grateful right now.
I Love Elder Hagen, but it's just Hard for me to translate everything in Tagalog.
Elder Ball's a nice guy! We get along really well.
Goodness Gracious, Since I got Elder Ball, My Height was the most topic here in Moncada.
Why? He is 6'3 tall and I'm 5'3 tall. People would say that We look like David and Goliath.
That's Why, My Subject Heading is David and Goliath...
We have a Baptism Interview tonight at 6 pm.
Name's Brother Asi, We are so Excited! He is also Excited as well.
Success for this week was, We found 9 New Investigators.
December might be a White Christmas! So Excited!!!!
I am doing Well here, I am Grateful that I am a Missionary.
I Love to Serve, I Love this Mission! I Love My Family!
and Greatest of all is I Love The Lord!
That's all for today! I Love You All!
*Read Alma 40:25

Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Christmas In Moncada
*Elder Ball and Me

Monday, November 2, 2015

24th, 25th, & 26th Baptism! (11 Months in the Field)

Hello Everyone!
Well, How was your Week? Mine was Incredibly Awesome!
The Turqueza Family got baptized last Thursday (October 29)
Names are Eduardo, Teresita, and their son Kenneth.
They are totally converted to The Gospel. One of the Sweetest Moment I've ever witnessed as a Missionary is when Our Newly Immersed/Baptized Investigators bear their Wonderful Testimonies in front of us.
I am Grateful that I am part of their Conversion. The Branch Presidency showed a Big Support for them. I am starting to Love the People here, and the Area.
Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st, We had a 7 pm Curfew because of the Holiday.
When I found out that It is already November, My Jaw dropped!!!
Where did the time Go??? I can't believe that I am turning 11 Months on the 5th of November!!! Time Is Flying...
Also, This Coming Wednesday (November 4), will be our Transfer Announcements.
I do not have any idea, what's gonna happen but I am 95% Sure that I am not transferring... My Companion maybe is in Danger...
We are still focusing in Finding New Investigators. It is still hard to be A Translator for my Companion. He knows a little Tagalog, which for me is really Hard. But It's also Fun.
Earlier this Morning, We went to the Apartment of our Zone Leaders, Why?
Elder Green, My Follow Up Trainer and Zone Leader now, just Finished his Mission. We arrived at 7 am and around 8 am the Assistants To Our Mission President came and picked up Elder Green. Man! I am gonna miss him a lot!
I enjoyed our time together in my 1st Area, and now as a Missionary in his Last Zone. He is a Remarkable Missionary!
Anyways, As A Mission We are now Studying Real Growth through Gratitude.
I am Grateful that I am a Missionary, I am Grateful that I was assigned here in the Philippines Angeles Mission,  I am Grateful that I have the Restored Gospel in my life, I am Grateful for The Plan Of Salvation, I am Grateful for my Wonderful Family, I am Grateful for those who taught, and inspired me. I am Gretful for my Friends, and Bestfriends, . How about you? What are you Grateful for?, You are Welcome to share it to me.
That's all for today. 
I Love All Of You!
Be Grateful!
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*Zone Pictures
*Goodbye Elder Green
*Baptism Pictures