Monday, September 28, 2015

The Voice

Hello Everyone! 
A Short Letter for this Week,
Last Week was Good, and here's the Highlights of our Week...

We found 10 New Investigators!!! Yey! We found these 10 New Investigators through OYM'ing (An OYM may be counted when you have opened your mouth and at least attempted to extend an invitation to a nonmember individual) So Awesome!!! We've been Finding New People to Teach Last Week. And We're so Glad that We found some. :)

Finally, The Ward gave us The Most Awaited 15 Names of Less Active Members!!! I've been waiting for it for almost 6 Months. We received it Yesterday. We can Focus in Baptizing and Rescuing now.

We had an Exchanges last Thursday. I worked with Elder Quilicot and We worked in Our Area, While Elder Naylor worked in San Isidro (Elder Quilicot's Area) I learned a lot in our Exchanges. Elder Quilicot is 5 Months Old in The Mission Field and He's really a Great Missionary!

We are now Practicing The Baptismal Interview Questions to Sister Marites(One Of Our Amazing Investigator, She's 21)
Yesterday, I was really Surprised and got Teary Eyed in her Answer. I asked her this Question,
"Why Do You Want To Get Baptized?"
She Answered, "Because Someone's telling me to DO IT, She stated that She Keeps on Hearing Whispers that says She Needs to DO IT...
We assured her that That's It's Holy Ghost. From That Experience, My Memories of being an Investigator 2 Years ago Flashbacked. I decided to get Baptized because of the Same Voice.
The Still Small Voice that told me To DO IT. And Until now, I have NO REGRETS in joining the Church.
That Same Voice testified to me that This Is The True Gospel Of Jesus Christ, That Same Voice Comforted me in my Trials, That Same Voice Guided me in Choosing The Right Decisions, And That Same Voice Pushed me To Serve God As A Full Time Missionary.
I Testify That That Same Voice is Our THIRD CHAIR when We teach Individuals and Families about The Gospel. I am so Grateful for The Holy Ghost.

Last Thursday 2 Of Our Recent Convert celebrated their Birthdays!!! Sister Vilma S. and Sheila S. The Ward held a Family Home Evening in their House. Too bad We were not able to attend it, But before the Family Home Evening happened They Invited us for Dinner (Around 4 Pm till 5 pm "Mission's Dinner Time)
They cooked Delicious Food! 

Last Week My Understanding of The Principles Of The Gospel Increased, Especially The Principle Of Charity. Elder Naylor gave the Workshop Last Wednesday in our District Meeting. He talked about "Charity, Love In Action" I Learned a lot from His Workshop.
Right Now, When Someone asked me What Charity is, I'll answer,
Charity Is The Mother Of All Virtues!!!
A Secret How to have a Good Relationship with your Companion(s) starts with Charitable Thoughts, Charitable Words, and Charitable Deeds.
Elder Naylor and I are still doing Good. There's still Ups and Downs. But We're still BestFriends!
*Announcements!!! Transfer Week will be Next Week!
I am still one of the Nominees in our Zone for The Transfers.
I will not guess about it anymore, But If I Transfer or Stay,
"All Will Be Well"

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Family Week Activity
*Elder Quilicot and Me
*Elder NAylor and Me

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Carabao/Baptism Week!

Hello Everyone!
Today will be a Short Letter, I need to update some Mission Reports But You are always Welcome to reply...
Last Week's Highlight was,
Brother Mark O. got baptized last Saturday!!! Hurrah! We've been waiting for it, He's really really Special to us. He's one of my Investigator that really wants to go to the Temple... He Loved the Temples and The Church. He's been attending Institute and He Showed A Mighty Change Of Heart. He's Solid! I was touched by his Short and Powerful Testimony Last Saturday...
Also, Sister Divine C. One of Our Recent Convert was the Speaker for Mark's Baptism. She talked about Faith. I don't know how to explain this, but When she Started Speaking, The Room started to Warm, and It was really QUIET...
She shared Good Verses and bore What Faith can do to our Lives.
It was a Wonderful Baptismal Service!!!
Yesterday In the Sacrament Meeting, One of our Recent Convert (James C.) was one of The Speakers. He talked about The Restoration Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. He's Amazing!!! The Members loved his Talk... He did a Great Job!
He really Applied the things We taught him. I admire him a lot.
And We found New Investigators Last Week! We are now building their Foundation of Faith, We're Looking forward for the results. We also reached 85 OYM's last Week! We talked to a lot of People, and those 85 People we talked to has now Knowledge about The Gospel Of Christ. 
I think Last Week My Companion showed me The True Principle Of Charity.
Being Outward in Times Of Difficulties and Trials is One Of the Hardest attributes to apply. He's really Charitable in all things. In our Lessons, This is Weird, But I think Every Time He teaches I just can't stop looking at him, I think He's Glowing while Teaching. And I can Tell that That's Christ's Countenance in Him.
We're doing Great, and We're Enjoying Our Time Together.
In my Personal Studies, This Verse from Alma 53:20 enlightened me a lot about Being True... It says,
And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courageand  also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all they  were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing thewere entrusted.
I learned that you should always be TRUE when you Express yourself to Every One. Because All my Life I've been living this Motto, 
And in my Opinion, Not Being True at all times is not being Who You Are.
There should be NO LIES, and NO FAKES. I am happy that Until now I am still living my Motto Of Being Who I am. And I am Happy about it!
That's all for today... Please Be Spiritually Minded!
Philippines Angeles Mission

*First Carabao Ride!!!
*First Dog Meat I ate!!!
*Baptism Pictures!!!
*Carabao Ride Video

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blank Subject Heading

Hello, Everyone!!!
Its Official!!! Christmas Season Is Starting to Wrap The Philippines!
I have a Lot of things to Say today, But I don't really have enough time to type it...
Last Wednesday I gave The Workshop in our District Meeting, And I talked about CHARITY... This is What I Learned while Studying and Teaching Charity to my Fellow Missionaries:
Charity is The Mother Of All Virtues.
Charity Is The Pure Love Of Christ.
Every Thoughts, Words, and Deeds that We have should Center on Charity.
No Matter Where You Are, What You do, Always Ponder this Question, Have I Done Any Good In The World Today? If Not I have Failed indeed...
I would Like to Testify that If You Have Not Charity, You Are Nothing!
Just Like what It says in Doctrine And Covenants 12:8 (One Of my Favorite Scripture)And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall been trusted to his care.
As a Missionary I Testify that Charity is needed to have a Successful Companionship. I am Grateful for Our Savior's Example.
I am also Grateful for My Companion's Charitable Thoughts, Words, and Deeds. We're doing really Well, We're both Improving, and Striving To Be The Missionary that God wants us to be.
Anyways, Last Friday We had a Companionship Exchanges, I Stayed In The Area and was given a Chance To work with our District Leader.
Elder Taylor is his name, and His Trainer in the Field was also My Trainer. (I think this is The 2nd Time that I worked with him)
The purpose of The Exchanges was to Interview one of our Investigator.
And, So Happy to announce that He passed The Interview! He will be baptized on the 19th of September!!! Sad to say that He's our Last Baptismal Candidate for September. But We are really excited for his Baptism.
We are focusing on Finding Investigators and Less Active Members last Week, and Finally, We found 2 Progressing Investigators, One of them even came to Church Yesterday.😁
Yesterday, @ The Sacrament Meeting I was really Surprised when Our 1st Counselor announced the Name of Our Recent Convert ("Vilma S.", Mother of Leomark, Sheila, & Michelle) And He said that, She will be The New Secretary of The Relief Society!!! The Members Sustained her.
That really Surprised me!!! I was Really Really Happy with her New Calling! I know that She will be an Amazing Relief Society Secretary!
We had our Ward Council Meeting Yesterday after The Sacrament Service. We talked about The Goals Of The Ward, and Ideas To How Best Help The Ward. I Love and Admire our New Bishop...
I think that's all for today...

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Me and My Companion
*Christmas Lights!
*With My District Leader
*Me (My lens has prescription)

Monday, September 7, 2015

3 Baptisms Accomplished!!!

Dear Everyone!!!
Last Week was another Awesome Week for us!!!
3 of our Solid and Faithful Investigators got baptized last Saturday!!!
Sister Divine C., Sister Sheila and Michelle S.
It was a Wonderful Baptism Service!!! The Members came and showed their Love and Support for them. These 3 Amazing Sisters bore their Emotional and Powerful Testimonies.
I Love watching them Stand in front of us and bore their Testimonies.
Their Seminary and Institute Teachers was really Impressed in their Testimonies.
One of their Seminary Teachers Stated, "My Soul was delighted with their Testimonies''
Oh, How Sweet it is to hear. I can testify to what She said. They Changed a Lot!
They Love The Gospel! And They Stand For What they know is Right.
So Grateful that I'm One of their Teacher Of this Restored Gospel...
One of our Recent Convert (James C.) Baptized his Sister (Divine C.)
It's really really an Awesome Moment Seeing Brother James, use the Powers of Heaven to Help his Sister Receive The Gospel. Also, Sister Jaycee was one of the Speakers in the Baptism Program.
She got baptized Last Saturday, and She didn't hesitate to Speak and Share Her Knowledge about The Gospel.
Well, Yesterday was Fast and Testimony Sunday, I was really surprised when one of our Recent Convert (Leomark S.) stood up and Bore his Testimony in the Pulpit. He's Really Amazing!
And about the Work, We are really Struggling in Finding New Investigators, It's My Bad, I think I'm Losing Faith, Confidence and Courage to do so. But I already asked God For Strength, And We are Looking Forward for this Coming Week. We are focusing on Finding. The Members here doesn't really give us Referrals. I think since I got here I only received Less than 10 Referrals from them.
When I was with My Short-Term Trainee, We taught the members, How to Share The Gospel.
And They Promised us that They will do what We taught them. But until now, They are not doing their part. I know It's hard, But I know that if they will do it Sincerely, God will help them.
Because I really Know that The Worth Of Souls is Great in the Sight Of God.
Yesterday was my 9 Month Mark! Look How Fast Time is, It's Really Really Fast!!!
I can't measure how This Mission Changed me, from A Shy Recent Convert to an Official Representative of Jesus Christ. I Know That The Church Is True!
Me and My Companion are doing Really Well. He is really Good at encouraging me, I Love being with this Missionary, I admire and Love This Guy. He's Biggest Strength for me is His Powerful Testimony, and His Charity towards Everyone!
I think that's All for today,
Please Don't Forget to Pray & Read The Scriptures Everyday, Everyday, Everyday!
(Please Attend Church Service on Sundays too, It will help you a lot!)
Enjoy Your Joy!!!

*Baptism Pictures
*Zone Activity (Last Monday)
*FHE @ Salvador Family
*Me and My Companion (We ate Tacos Last Friday)

Philippines Angeles Mission