Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!!!
Yes, you're right! I got transferred last Thursday.
My Companion is ELDER WEBSTER he's 8 months old in the Field. And He's my Senior Companion. He was called to be our District Leader. (All of my companions were District Leaders)
He's really a Great Missionary, His last companion was not really obedient. And his Tagalog was really good. He's kinds stressed about being a Senior Companion (It's his first time) and also being a District Leader (also his first time). He's also scared of OYM'ing. 
I am now in Lupao!
It's one of the the furthest Area in the Philippines Angeles Mission.
where 80% of the People here speaks ILOCANO!!! It's Crazy!!!
We have a Brgy. here that's 15 feet away from the Borders of the Philippines Urdaneta Mission!!!!
Anyways, The Ward was really Amazing! They gave me a warm welcome...
Yesterday after the Sunday Service We had a Ward Lunch in one of the Members house.
It was really Fun! The Members here are really nice! 
And We also have members who work with us. (What's funny, We badly need members to work with us in order to translate our Tagalog to Ilocano)
Man! Ilocano's really a Hard Language to learn! I can just speak the Basics.
Good thing I met 4 Ilonggo's here! haha
How I Miss my First Area! It's really different from Lupao.
I remember when I said my Last Goodbye to the Members and Recent Converts in my Last Area.It was really emotional... Tears are falling. I will never ever forget the People in my last area. I learned a lot from them, I changed a lot, and I also experienced Real Growth.
Transfers are Transfers. I know that there's Reason why....
And Faith is what we need to Find new People here in my 2nd Area...
Faith to Hope, Believe, and Act... Well, I am excited to work in my 2nd Area.
And I will do my very very Best to serve Him...
That's all for Today!!!

*Me and Elder Green

*Bongabon Goodbye's

*My Batchmates!

*Bongabon Apartment

*Lupao Apartment (with 2 Bathrooms, and Christmas Lights in my Desk, Really a Nice House)


*Beautiful Sunset @ Lupao

*Lupao Ward Missionaries & the 2 Level Chapel

*Kimberly's Pillowcase Present for Me (With my name on it)

Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, April 20, 2015

My 8th Baptism, Gratitude and Transfers

Hello Family and Friends!
Well, Last Week was really a great week for me.
We had a Service Project in Santor Last Tuesday! (Area of our Housemate's)
We cleaned the Canal... ( My First Service Project) It was really FUN!!!
The Brgy. Officials thanked us for Cleaning it.
Also, The President of the Missionary Recovery Center called me via Phone.
We had a good talk, He taught me Life Changing Lessons which I can really apply as an Individual and also as a Missionary. I am really Grateful that I am here in the Philippines Angeles Mission, Serving the Lord. I am also Grateful for my FAMILY who helped , Support, & Inspires me the most. And also, I am Grateful for the People I met here in the Field, My Companions, District Mates, Zone Mates, Investigators, Members, And My Mission Leaders.
I Just Want to say Thank You!!!
Also, Last Saturday We had a National Day of Service!
We cleaned the Public Amusement Park of Bongabon...
The Members and Leaders of the Bongabon District were all there, As well as the Bongabon Zone Missionaries. It Was really FUN!!!
Saturday Night, We had a Baptism Service!!! Arjay Napao got baptized!
My Heart melts seeing him Smiling and excited immersing to the Waters of baptism.
He bore a short powerful Testimony. He got baptized along with the Baptismal candidates of our District Mates.
Transfers are coming... It'll be on the 23rd... and I am 80% Sure that I'm transferring.
Well, No matter what Happens, I know that everything will be Well! :)

Pray and Read the Scriptures, Everyday! Everyday! Everyday! 

*Community Service Project's

*Baptism Pictures

* A Teenage Carabao


*Selfie Under the Sun

*Elder Green and His Beloved Dr. Pepper Cans. (Addicted to Dr. Pepper)

Philippines Angeles Mission

Monday, April 13, 2015

Interview with my Mission President & 1st Gen. Conf. in the Field

Hello Everyone?!

How are you all doing?

The Highlight of my Week was when, One of our Investigator passed the Baptism Interview!
It gives Joy to my Heart as I see him Smiling and Excited when He found out that he Passed. 

The General Conference was really great! I really Loved the talk of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf about Grace.
"It is by God’s amazing grace that His children can overcome the undercurrents and quicksands of the deceiver,rise above sin, and be perfected in Christ.
Though we all have weaknesses, we can overcome them. Indeed it is by the grace of God that, if we humble ourselves and have faith, weak things can become strong"

Yesterday My Mission President came & gave me a time to share the things that I'm going through. (These are my concerns that I shared to Him: Trust and Testimony, Imperfections Of Others, Suicidal Thoughts, Having a Hard Time focusing on the Work, Tiredness, And Blaming Myself for my Past Transgressions) Some of my Concerns was answered by The General Conference. And It was really Great.

I really appreciate the things that My Mission President said. I admit that I was deceived by the Power of Satan. And just like what He said, Satan was behind me. I also admit that I stayed focus at the Negative instead of Positive Things, also for being ungrateful for the Blessings I received. I am going to work on these things. I am going to work Hard, Be Brave when I know that something isn't right, I am going to be Grateful for the specific blessings that the Lord bestowed upon me, And I will Focus on my Own Imperfections on How to Improve them. As what He suggested yesterday, I did the online adjusting to missionary life. And I was in the Orange Level. It has some suggestions and stuff that I should do in order to help me combat with stress. I am really grateful for the Counsels and Blessings that I received from my Mission President yesterday, As He was saying the Blessing I felt my Tears rolling down. He cheered me up after giving the blessing. 

Tomorrow I am going to talk to a Missionary Recovery Center Representative via Phone, And see if What I should do about my Concerns. If Needed they will send me to Manila to meet and talk to them Face to Face. 
That's all for today my Beloved Heroes!

Always Remember that I LOVE YOU!!!
Pray and Read the Scriptures, Everyday, Everyday, Everyday!



*We saw the Vice President of the Philippines in Person

*My Family Tree

*Made some Mango Float for My companion

*Bilmar Valdez's Farewell (He will serve in Cagayan De Oro Mission)


*We had a Zone Activity in Dinggalan earlier

*My Level of Stress


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