Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bright Side Pictures


*We got FLU Shots in our Zone Conference
*Sta. Ignacia Zone Missionaries
*Elder Fletcher and I
*Elder Berdin (My trainee) and I
*Elder Naylor and I
*Scary Goat
*Elder Teraza and I
*SALUYOT! (I think this is the most ugly tasting vegie I've tasted)

Bright Side

Hello Everyone!

It is raining here a lot!!!

Despite of the rain, Missionary Work will never stop! Rain or Shine!!!

We just need to stay alert and be careful working outside.

Anyway, We had our Zone Conference last Tuesday...

It was a great conference! Paniqui, and Camiling Zone joined us

Oh my! I conducted the conference! hahahaha. I was terrified when Elder Naylor told me that i will conduct the conference. I think I did okay. I can tell that my voice was wavering though. hahahaha. It was a great experience.

We learned a lot from the messages of Pres. Clark, Sis. Clark, and the Assistants... It went straight to my treasure box. 😁

We also had an exchanges with Elder Teraza and Elder Capales last Friday.

I worked with Elder Teraza in our area. It was a good experience to work with this missionary. He is currently training a missionary, He loves it, and made me miss Training again. haha. I learned a lot from Elder Teraza, especially a lot of Ilocano words. (If you remember, He was one of my kabahay (housemate) in moncada)

Elder Fletcher and I have been doing our very best in finding people to teach and using the 4 Tools. It helps a lot, and makes our work a lot easier! There is many blessings if we use this 4 tools. Our member support is weak though.  If you remember we found this Diamond Investigator 3 weeks ago. He keeps on Shining, &  impressing us. Because male members in our area are always busy. We invited this investigator to work with us in one of our female investigator. He lovingly said yes. We were surprised at his quick and Faith filled reply. He changed his shirt and as we were walking he started asking us about missionary work. Hes really desires to serve God. We invited him to share something in the lesson and he said that he will try. Actually, it's the first lesson of our Female Investigator. We taught The Restoration with her, and at the end of the Lesson our male investigator started sharing his thoughts, and experiences, I really like what he said to our female investigator. He said; "I am just like you, They found me 3 weeks ago, I've been through a lot of religions already, and here I am, currently journeying their religion. I still haven' received the answer if their Church is true, But I recommend you to listen to them." The Spirit filled the entire room. My heart started pounding because of Joy. I love this work! I believe that The Holy Ghost is in that lesson. 

*Tomorrow we will have a Special meeting where all the Leaders(Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders,and District Leaders) of our mission will gather together. 

I think that's all for now...

Please remember that the Lord loves you, knows you, and is willing to help you at all times. (Please read the Book Of Mormon everyday too)



Philippines Angeles Mission

Sta. Ignacia Ward 1

           Sta. Ignacia  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

                (I decided to send the pictures in a different email, so watch out for it)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Raining Blessings


Sta. Ignacia Zone are doing good. I've heard that the Zone haven't got SOE yet.
I was more motivated to work and help the missionaries believe that we can achieve SOE. My companion and I have high hopes for September. It will be a good month.
The missionaries in our Zone are doing good. We are getting good at using the 4 tools of our mission. The only concern that we have this week was the rain.

It rained a lot last week. good thing, our missionaries are smart and aware of what's best to do...

I think I gave a lot of workshops last week...
I gave the workshop in our District Meeting, which elevated the view of my calling from missionaries to ANGELS. Modern Angels with flesh and bones.
Angels that give the finest service in this part of His vineyard.

Yesterday I was one of the speakers, and I gave a talk about Honesty, and I think it was the most awesome talk I've ever did. Honesty is one of the most important principle that a lot of people forgets to live. it's a moral compass of our life. 
Just like Faith, It drives us from different directions that often leads us to the Savior.
After my talk, I also taught in the Gospel Principles class. (on the spot)
To be honest, before I'm always scared talking to public.
But one thing that I've noticed was I overcame that fear.
I can feel the Spirit assisting me in my workshops and lessons.

We have this awesome Investigator, He is progressing continuously.
He came again to church yesterday for the 2nd time. He told us that He loved the service especially the lesson yesterday about Families. We have a feeling that one day He will be dragging his Family to the Church. The Faith that we planted to his heart is starting to swell and grow... We have so much faith for this man.
Elder Fletcher and I are still in the finding people to teach process. We are meeting a lot of interesting people. one was a retired pastor from the Methodist Church. He talked too much and doesn't want us to teach him the Gospel. He just wants to have us listen to his message. So, It's kinda fun.

Elder Fletcher and I defined our companionship as the finest ones. haha. We are getting along really well. I love this guy. He's the most down to earth person I've met..

That's all



Philippines Angeles Mission

Sta. Ignacia Ward 1

           Sta. Ignacia  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*Rain Pictures!!!
*With my companion

Sunday, August 14, 2016



Rain Rain Rain...
Rain was all over the Philippines .
It rained like everyday of our week...
That's why, I decided to buy boots... hahaha.
Not really fashionable but my proselyting shoes have holes.
So, the boots are really helpful... I even carried my companion in my back just to help him cross the muddy swamp. It reminds me one of the scenes in the Ephraim's Rescue Movie... haha. He's kinda heavy. hahaha. too bad we don't have a pic.

Last Thursday,
We had an exchanges with our AP's (Assistant to the President)
I worked with Elder Tuvera that day. my companion worked with Elder Naylor.
It was wonderful. I've learned a lot from Elder Tuvera...
He is workaholic, diligent, persistent, humble, kind, and obedient missionary.
He is close to going home. But He's still focused on his purpose...
He's a great example to me...

Also, Last Tuesday we had our MLC (Mission Leadership Council) held at the mission home...
We have learned a lot from the Assistants, and Pres. and Sis. Clark's workshop.

We have been reminded of our purpose, especially being INSTRUMENTS of the LORD.

the next day, we delivered the messages that Elder Fletcher and I learned to our Zone mates.
It went really well, except we went overtime. haha. It's hard to compress good things if you only have 2 hours to do it.
Each missionary in our Zone was fed spiritually. 
Later that night, My companion and I were finding people to teach, It was already 8:30 in the evening. We both received an impression to talk to one of the house that we passed by, A Man came out, We introduced ourselves and He let us in.
This man's name is Robert. He is 20 years old. He is currently taking accountancy, but his previous course was Fine Arts.
This moment strengthened my testimony of the Holy Ghost.
For some reason, Robert started to share his Life, his drawings, his interests, and he even told us that he is seeking for the truth. He desires to share the Gospel, and He's a current investigator of the Born Again Church.
He welcomed us talked to us like we're a long time friends.
I am confident that He felt the Spirit while we talk. My companion and I felt it.
He understood the message of The Restoration, and accepted our invitation to follow the Savior through baptism. He even came to our Stake Conference, Saturday Evening Session, and the Sunday Session.
It is rare to find an investigator that will progress in a week.
We didn't consider him as a golden investigator, rather a diamond...
I am pretty sure that If you and your companion believes that you will find them. Then, that will happen... Hope is not what you need, Believing is what you need.

Speaking of Stake Conference, Yes, Sta. Ignacia Stake had their Stake Conference yesterday. Lucky enough to witness it. I learned a lot of things from it.
I have a reading assignment for you...
ALMA 26:37 enjoy!!!

That's all for today...



Philippines Angeles Mission

Sta. Ignacia Ward 1

           Sta. Ignacia  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*A goat with a raincoat! hahaha. So funny!
*Elder Fletcher, Brother Robert and Elder Ordejan
*with Elder Tuvera
*with Elder Naylor
*My boots
*My companion trying to find a way to cross the running water