Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shower Of Blessings

Hello Everyone!

Last week was an okay week. Philippines's celebration of Easter here is crazy. I have some pics of what I've seen here during Easter.

I am glad to tell you that my medical issue is now okay!!! I took Antibiotics for a week, and the result of the ultrasound was normal. My companion and I were in Cabanatuan (different zone, an hour far from our area, & the hospital's located here) Sunday evening till Monday afternoon.And we went back to our area, and worked with all our heart, might, mind, & strength. Our area is doing really well! We have 4 people that will be interviewed for baptism this coming Friday. I am super excited! I have seen them grow and change. They are receiving shower of blessings because of their faith, obedience, & desire to follow the Savior. Names are Angela, Aries, Edison, & Mark Anthony. I have loved them. They made a big impact in my life. I would say that I am not teaching them, They're teaching me. As I grow old in the mission field I have come to realize that the people I'm teaching are my teachers. They help me learn from my mistakes, help me progress, taught me how to love, taught me how to become a better person, a better minister. I love all the people that I've taught and that I am currently teaching. They are my treasures. I am forever grateful for them. 

I do not know if I have mention that Paco Roman is a branch, Yes it is a branch. To be honest the branch here is struggling. I do not know how to cure the problem. Because there's a lot. 1st our 2nd counselor here is less active, 2nd the members here doesn't appreciate the blessings of attending the classes right after the sacrament (most of them leaves the chapel after the sacrament), 3rd our 1st counselor here wants to be released from his calling (our 1st counselor served a full-time mission in cebu, I have a feeling that his testimony is shaking, has lots of questions about the book of mormon & the doctrines of the Church,and I do not know but it seems that he is not close to our branch president). The branch needs leaders, not just leaders but solid leaders. Solid in faith, obedience, testimony, and a leader that strives to be like the Savior. I salute our branch president here, he's the man! He is a Solid Leader. I love our branch president here. 

Also, transfer day is coming this week! (Wednesday & Thursday) My short term companion is leaving on Thursday. That means I am going to get a new companion. I will laugh at myself if I get another Short Term missionary. Haha. But I am hoping that my new companion will be as awesome as brother quita. Brother Quita came prepared. He is a wonderful man! One of the things that I will miss from him is his skills at cooking. I love the food he cooks. The people in Philippines Cebu Mission are some lucky people. Brother Quita soon to be Elder will rock Philippines Cebu Mission on May 13. I will miss him.

I think that is all for today.

Read Jacob 5:41 :)


Elder Ordejan

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*Easter Celebration in the Philippines (Live Jesus Christ's suffering & crucifixion)
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