Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hello Everyone!
Well, Last Week was a Crazy Week for me...
My Short Term Companion went home last Wednesday for some personal Issues.
So, I traveled 8 hours again to send him to the office and pick my new short term companion again.
He is Brother Quita from Camiling Tarlac, 18 years old, He will serve in the Philippines Cebu Mission on May 13. So, Brother Quita will only serve until March 31, So, I am expected to have a new companion again... hahahaha.
It is also Crazy that I trained 3 Short Term missionaries in a row...
I have love it but I hate travelling...
Also, One more thing...
I have told you that when I go to the area, it was like I pressed down a restart button.
But now, We have 8 Progressing Investigators that are preparing for baptism on April and May! I am way excited! I always remind myself that "The worth of Souls is Great in the sight of God"
Also, Last Week, I have seen the benefit of why Members and Missionaries needs to work together just like President Thomas S. Monson said,
We have been ministering, teaching, and observing our Branch's 2nd Counselor.
Why? He is Less Active... And Every time We visit him and ask why He didn't attend Church.
He would always reply that his Stomach Hurts, or Busy doing work.
But Sister Manahan, one of his relatives and is currently preparing to serve a full time mission on April 22. He worked with us and We taught our Branch 2nd Counselor.
Sister Manahan while in tears gave a Powerful and Spiritual Message and Testimony to him.
I think that was one of the most Powerful Testimony i have heard my entire mission.
I am grateful to the members!!! They have to share their lights to EVERYONE!
Found new investigators last week to minister. I think Finding People To Teach is not a Hard thing to do. If you only have that Faith & Desire to do it.
You can Find those whom the Lord prepares.
Also, Last night I was rushed to the hospital. I suffered a severe abdominal pain, My blood has an infection, and my white blood cells elevated, which will lead to appendicitis (Hopefully not). But, don't worry, I am feeling better now, I am still waiting for my ultrasound result, and I am still under medication.
I can still manage to work. :)
That was all for today!!!
PS I Love My Companion! He is Amazing!
You Take Care!!!
             Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Next Monday

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