Sunday, April 10, 2016

"When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren"

Hello Everyone!!!

It is Monday again!!! Time is flying by really really faaaast... How's your week? I hope you had a great one. Because We had a great week... We've been workin hard, It is super hard to have members in the lesson for everyone is super busy. Members & Non members, Everyone's at the farm. Just like what I said last monday, The harvest will kill our work. It is also hard to find new people to teach, and for me this is a humbling experience, Diligence, Patience, Hope, Charity, & Faith are the attributes that has been strengthened to me as a Missionary. I am grateful for it.

Last Sunday I forgot to tell you that our Branch President appointed us to teach the Young Men. It's been a while since I taught the Youth Members of the Church. That is one of my calling in my home ward before my mission. I Love talking to the Young Men & Young Women. I miss all the Young Men & Young Women members in my home ward. They strengthened & gave me courage as I prepare for my Mission.  Just like what Elder Andersen said last Saturday Session of the General Conference. He taught us to Help, Serve, & Love the Youth. The Youth needs us. That is so true. President Monson also said that This is a Chosen Generation. To everyone let us follow Elder Andersen's counsel. Love The Youth!

I also Love Elder Ballard's talk last Saturday the Afternoon Session. He gave a profound explanation of how Family Counsel can help & bless each members of the Family. He taught us 4 type of Family Counsel. 1. General Family Counsel 2. Executive Family Counsel 3. Limited Family Counsel & 4. One on One Family Counsel. I can't wait to start this in my Family & my future Family after my Mission. Most of the Leaders spoke or mentioned the words Marriage and Family. President Eyring said that We should prepare to take our Family to the Temple, and He also said that we should make Marriage a Priority. One of my goal right now is to take my Family to the Temple and to be sealed as an eternal family. I am also hoping that I can find my Eternal Companion after my mission. This is my goals for Eternity. I am grateful for the Priesthood of God, It truly helps us to gain happiness & salvation. To all those who live near the Temple, YOU ARE SO BLESSED! I invite you to go to the Temple everyday. The nearest temple to my house is a 12 hour ship ride. The Temples will help us find Peace, Learn more of the Savior, Receive Countless Blessings, Obtain Salvation, & most especially it will help us draw closer to God. I know that the Church is True. We are so blessed to have The Restored Gospel back to our lives.

Well, I think last week was also the most emotional week I've had so far in my mission. My Anak (Trainee) cried 3x last week. He was super homesick & having a hard time learning the language. I cried & mourned with him. I can't say that I don't feel homesick. I know every missionary does. I gave him solid encouragements. I always compliment him in his day by day success & growth. His 1st, & 2nd cry was for his family and the language. After gaining confidence & encouragements that his family will always be safe & that they are always cheering & are proud of him. His 3rd Cry was yesterday, and It's for the Language. He told me that He can't understand the people when they speak tagalog. I told him that he's wrong, I told him that He already have the language. He just need to open his spiritual ears & mouth. I told him that If Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ wants him to succeed so am I. I told him that the language will come soon, because I know that even you're the most fluent Tagalog Speaker, If you don't have the Spirit. It's nothing. I told him that he should remember that it is a conversation of his heart and the heart of the people that he is teaching. I told him that it's not gonna be easy. But it will be worth it. I can see Elder Mecham's Faith growing. He is changing & evolving day by day. After we the counsels & encouragements that I gave yesterday to him. He changed, He changed spiritually. He even had his first Baptismal Invitation yesterday. He was so happy when they accepted his invitation to be baptized. I also told Elder Mecham in our Companionship Inventory that I've seen his strong desire to love & serve the people. He is building relationships with our investigators, less active members, & members here really fast. I can tell that a bond is starting to grow. He is Wonderful.

Also, Last Saturday... Elder Mecham's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd baptism happened. We had 3 baptisms!!! Elder Mecham baptized 2 of our investigators, now recent converts, and I baptized one. They will be confirmed next sunday. It is General Conference that is why they didn't get confirmed. It was a wonderful Baptism. Actually we goaled for 4 baptisms but Sister Angela did not show up. We went to the place where she is working right after the baptism. She told us that she recently had a Family Problem. Their mom left them. It's really sad to know. But we assured her that everything will be fine. Everything happens for a reason. Every thing has it's purpose. And that as she draw nearer and nearer to God, Satan will do his very best to tempt, and destroy us.

So, Angela's baptism was moved to next Saturday...

So far, we are doing great in our area. It is still hard to find people to teach. Harvest is still going on. Hopefully this coming week will be a better week for us...

That's all for today...


Philippines Angeles Mission

Paco Roman Branch

San Jose Zone

"Soon enough you will seek the success you are seeking"

*Momay The Monkey

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