Sunday, April 24, 2016

Great Responsibilities...

Hello Everyone!?

How's your week? Mine was great!!!

Last Thursday we had exchanges with the Rizal 2nd Missionaries. Elder Mecham stayed in our area with Brother Bosotrus and I worked with Elder Silva in their area. It was a good exchanges. I have met their investigators and the less active members that they are currently teaching. Companion Exchanges are the best! It is a time of learning from other missionaries, a time for showing good example,  and a time for helping other missionaries.

My District had a bad week. Our Key Indicators were really low. I have been thinking or pondering for 4 days now, about what should I do as a District Leader to help my District Mates in their work and areas.  I have come up to an idea to make a District Enhancements Plan and I will present it on our District Meeting on Wednesday. The plan includes enhancement of Obedience, Faith, Charity, Diligence, & of course the Blessings. Looking forward for this. I love my District Mates. They mean a lot to me. I am grateful that they are part of my District.

Well, Elder Mecham and I had a rough week. We've been walking back & forth under the hot sun to teach our investigators, less active members, and everyone that we come & contact with. We even dropped 2 of our Investigators. It is hard for us. I have seen how they accepted the gospel & I have seen how they tried to live the commandments until Satan unleashed his power to our 2 investigators. They just started to hide from us and say that they're busy. And we never get a chance to see them for like a week and a half now. It is indeed a rough week but it was worth it. I have learned a lot of things that I can apply to myself.

Our Branch President yesterday invited us for lunch. He was sharing some stuff that almost made me cry. To all of you, the branch where i'm serving right now needs help. They need leaders. The only auxiliary that is functioning here is our Branch president and clerk. Our branch president cleans the chapel, organizes & makes the program every sunday, & etc. He is worrying right now about the Clerk... because our clerk here is leaving soon. Hopefully he receives help. I have been praying for him. I love our branch president. He deserves heavenly blessings. He is the best.

Yesterday I get a chance to teach in the Sunday School (on the spot), hahahaha,  while my companion is backing me up, with 5 people present in the lesson. I taught Mosiah 4 & 6.

it is fun teaching Members. I enjoyed it.

Now, enough of the negatives. Let's talk about the positives.

Okay, So last Saturday President Clark and Sister Clark gave us a surprise call and said that they will visit us to have our Interviews with president Clark. Elder Mecham and I were so surprised!!! Good thing our apartment is clean. Sister Clark gave us cookies and stickers that day. She gave us a body map so if something is painful we can just easily look at the map and tell her which part hurts. She also checked the safety of our apartment. I love Sister Clark. She is genuine and such a Faith booster for me. President Clark also taught us about spiritual strength... Then we got interviewed by President Clark individually. President Clark asked me to share my testimony of the Godhead and the Atonement, He asked for my Happiness level, He commended me for what I've done in our mission, and He sincerely stated his love for me. This interview was a humbling experience for me. After the interview, President Clark rededicated our apartment. Our apartment was the 57th apartment they have visited so far for 2 weeks, and they still have to visit a hundred house more I guess. They are amazing. They are my heroes. I love them with all my heart.

Also, on Saturday this week 2 of our investigators (Sisters Alona & Conchita) will be interviewed for Baptism!!! Yeah! Elder Mecham and I are so excited!!! We've been praying for them. They have Faith, has repented of their sins, lived the commandments & broken hearts and contrite spirits. We are confident that they will pass the Interview. But we still need your help. Please pray for them too.

Elder Mecham is a fast learner! He learns things really fast!!! I am proud of him. I salute him for his hardwork and effective studies. He is truly a missionary of The Philippines Angeles Mission. Where the finest serves. He is living our Mission Culture, He is doing an excellent job with the language, And he is dedicated to surrender his will, and and lose his self in serving God with all his might, mind, & strength. I can see a big potential in him. He is special to me. He means a lot to me. I love my trainee. Just like one of our companionship inventories. I would always tell him that, and that He can call my name anytime if he needs help. I love listening to his stories and thoughts. He is such a thinker. He thinks a lot that sometimes leads to thinking his family. But he is doing a great job overcoming homesickness. He loves shining our shoes. He is wonderful. I am grateful that I was called to train him.

That's all for today...

Always know that I Love You!!!


Philippines Angeles Mission

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"Soon enough you will seek the success you are seeking"

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