Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ghosts from the Past!

Hello Everyone!

Wow! An Unbelievable thing happened! Elder Fletcher and I are both staying in our area! Hahaha. We really thought that one of us is transferring.
I'm Grateful that we're both staying. I know there's a reason why.

Well, We had an okay week. Transfer Announcement was good.
We have 5 new missionaries in our Zone.
Being a Zone Leader is AWESOME!
We get to see who's transferring in our Zone first before others...
After the Announcements, Elder Fletcher and I bought Ice Cream for our missionaries as a token of our Gratitude for their Service.

Every missionary in our Zone has a special place in our heart.
They make our Zone move!!! It's an honor to alongside with them.

Our area is getting better. We found 6 new investigators, and most of them are potential!! Faith has been planted. We just need to nurture the seed f Faith that my companion and I planted in their hearts.
One of our Investigator is progressing like crazy! He joined the Youth Single Adult Activity last Saturday and found new friends. He enjoyed it...
He will be interviewed this Saturday...

We also have an upcoming Ward Activity on September 20 (Tuesday), in connection with The Family Week Celebration. We had a meeting about it yesterday. It was good. Every Auxiliary Leader participated and contributed for the upcoming activity. Tomorrow we will help our Ward Mission Leader decorate the Chapel... I am so excited!!!

Elder Fletcher and I are doing great. There's Ups and Downs in our companionship which we need to work out...
But everything is well. We love each other and We are doing our best to improve each day...

Also, Last Saturday, Tarlac, Camiling, Paniqui, and Sta. Ignacia Stake.
And I got a chance to see the people from Moncada (they belong to Paniqui Stake). I was also reunited with one of my Short Term Trainee... So Awesome!

That's all for now...



Philippines Angeles Mission

Sta. Ignacia Ward 1

          Sta. Ignacia  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*People from Moncada
*My Short Term Trainee
*White Carabao
*Zone Transfer Announcement Day
*Elder Fletcher and I's reaction after we found out that we're both staying

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