Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hide & Hide, #OctoberBlest, 93Days

Yes, I do need to explain my Subject Heading...

👉Hide & Hide
Most of our Investigators were hiding from us last week. Elder Fletcher and I keep coming back to their houses every day. But it seems like they're really good at hiding.
I know this is bad to say, but it's FRUSTRATING!!! hahaha 
We got punted a lot of times... I've been praying really really hard for miracles in our area...
I even prayed and fasted about it yesterday. We have high hopes for this week. Especially because a good amount of members committed to work with us for this week. 😁
We will really work hard this week. My companion and I are batch mates going home, So, both of us committed to give our very best shot every day.
 This is a new theme for next month. Last Tuesday all the District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders of our mission gathered together for this Special Leadership Meeting. There the OctoberBlest was launched.
What is OctoberBlest???
It is a month of Weekly Baptizing for our mission.
We have given training's, and tools how to baptize weekly for the month of October.
September will be the month of preparation for the OctoberBlest.
We will be finding a lot in September and Baptize a lot on October.
So, that's the OctoberBlest. In short, Missionaries needs to Have Faith, and Work Hard! hahaha
Yes, Sad to admit. i only have 93 Days!!! 😭😥
In connection with this, I received a letter from our Mission President about my missions end. I will attach it here. Plus, The Senior Couples who works in the office sent me a text last Wednesday, I will attach the picture here too.

Our Zone is doing good. We made a Zone Shirt and we will get it this Friday...
Plus we might go to the Falls next Monday...

So, I think that's all for now...
Remember that...
I Love You!!!



Philippines Angeles Mission

Sta. Ignacia Ward 1

          Sta. Ignacia  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*Sta. Ignacia Zone Missionaries
*I cooked Sinigang na Isda (First Time)
*Gross & Clean Water Filters
*Elder Fletcher and I
*Text from the office

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