Monday, May 18, 2015

Sister Victorino's Death, Lupao Ward in Progress...

Hello Everyone!!!
A message from our Mission President;
Last Thursday night Sister Michelle Victorino’s life and mission service were abruptly cut short  by illness. For unknown reasons, Sister Victorino 
contracted a severe, fast moving infection in her body which led to septic shock and failure of vital organs. Extraordinary medical efforts were made to preserve her life but to no avail...
The Wife of our Mission President said;
We will miss having Sis. Victorino walking the streets of San Jose OYMing and sharing her bright smile with others or sharing testimony with those she teaches.  But in her loss we can take comfort in the words of Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith,
“No righteous man is ever taken before his time. In the case of the faithful Saints, they are simply transferred to other fields of labor. The Lord’s work goes on in this life, in the world of spirits, and in the kingdoms of glory where men go after their resurrection.”
May we rally together and treasure good memories of Sister Victorino and the time that we have to be full-time missionaries.

I was really Sad hearing this news last Friday Morning. I just recently met Sister Victorino in our Zone Meeting Last 2 Weeks ago. She was really a Jolly Person, She's really nice! But  I would like to say that I know and I believe that the Plan of Salvation is TRUE!!! The Plan of Salvation is for US!!! Everything happens for a reason... Later @ 5:00 pm We are going to have a Memorial Service for Her...

Anyways, Lupao Ward is really making a BIG Progress! The Ward Leader and The Ward  Missionaries are working together to strengthen the Ward here. Especially The Home and Visiting Teachers are doing a Great Effort to help us, and The Ward. 
Next Sunday we will be having Our Stake Conference (San Jose Stake)
It was really A Big Blessing to help this Ward. I was touched by the words of our Ward Mission Leader last night, He told me that He prayed for a Good and Obedient Missionary to be assigned in their Ward (He's referring to me)
He was very grateful that his prayer was answered. He told me the inappropriate things that the Missionary before me did in their Ward.
They are really TRUE SEEKERS of Miracles...
Also, This coming wednesday, We are going to have a Missionary Fireside for Sister Angelique Cawile... She's going to Preach the Gospel in The Philippines Bacolod Mission. She leaves on May 22. We are looking forward for this Fireside. It's a Time for all of us to Inspire others to Come Unto Christ. 
One of our Golden Investigator will be interviewed on May 23rd. For his coming Baptism on May 30th.
So far, I am doing my very Best to be Exactly Obedient, to Help Everyone here, especially my Companion. 
And That's all for today...
Always Remember that I Love You!!!

*Lupao Ward Chapel and The Bulletin Board

*The Creepy Coffin Outside the Alley of Cemetery

*Lupao Municipal Hall

*Me and Elder Webster

*The Ward Missionaries in Lupao

*Philippines Flag Blanket

*Beautiful Sunset

*Me and the Sunset

Philippines Angeles Mission

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