Monday, May 25, 2015

A Busy Week of Finding, & My 9th Baptism is coming!

Hello Everyone! It's already 12:54 pm here... I emailed you guys late because we had a Zone Activity in Pantabangan Rizal, Nueva Ecija!!!
San Jose Zone have 24 Missionaries... So, I admit that We had FUN!!!
The Location was really beautiful!!! I Loved It!!! This activity was also a Farewell activity for Sister Gamolo and Sister Jones (They're both going home)
Anyways, Our Week was really AMAZING!!! Last Week we are focusing on FINDING new Investigators... I admit that It was hard but It was really FUN!!!
I would say that Referrals from Members are a lot easier to teach. But We don't have any other source... JUST FIND! FIND! FIND! :)
Also Last Friday We had an Companion Exchanges with The Zone Leaders.
So I stayed in our Area, and worked with Elder Larsen... Elder Larsen was my batch here in Angeles Mission. He's originally from India Mission, He's just waiting for his VISA back to India. So, He's also almost 6 months here in The Philippines Angeles Mission. :) He was called as a Zone Leader April 22, 2015...
He's really FUNNY! And He's really a GREAT Missionary! :) He interviewed Brandon Ferrer (Our Baptismal Candidate for May 30th)
GOOD NEWS!!! Brandon passed the Interview!!! I can't express the feelings that I felt when I found out that Brandon passed. It's really overwhelming! After Weeks of teaching Brandon about the Restored Gospel! At Last!!! He's now Ready to Enter The Waters Of Baptism!!! :) You don't have any idea what I feel right now.
As Months goes by... I am learning to Love this Calling. I am Changing, I am Growing, I am drawing closer to The savior, I am blessing The Lives of Others, And I still have this assurance that The Lord will bless Me and My Family. As Long as I do My Commitments, and Keep My Covenants to Him.
When I was reading the Scriptures one Day, A question came to my Heart and Mind, And that is, "Where Does Faith Come From?"
After pondering that Question. I received a Solid Answer, That Faith Comes from God. Faith is His Product. And All of His Children have access to It. If They just SURRENDER their OWN WILL, And FOLLOW HIS WILL. As a Missionary Of Jesus Christ I learned Life Changing Lessons that I will never ever forget. And The Principle that I always apply to myself is "Just Have Faith, And Be Who You Are"
Also Yesterday was The Stake Conference of San Jose Stake! The chosen Speakers shared Inspiring Talks, Our Mission President was also there and Shared a Talk about Missionary Work! He's really AMAZING! It was really a Wonderful Experience.
Well My Dear Brothers and Sisters, That's All for Today...
Don't forget to Pray, and Read The Book Of Mormon,
Please Keep in touch with Me...

*Farewell to Sister Cawile (Philippines Bacolod Mission)


*Zone Activity Pictures 

*Me and Elder Larsen (Our zone Leader)

*Fried Chicken 4 You!

      Philippines Angeles Mission

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