Monday, May 4, 2015

A Child's Prayer, Powerful Testimonies, & Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hello Family and Friends!
It's my 2nd Monday here in Lupao!!!
Our Week was really Great! Our Lessons last week increased a little.
I am now more familiar with the People here,(Leaders, Members, Recent Converts, Less Actives,& Investigators)
We are focusing our One Investigator He is 9 Years old, and has a Baptismal Goal Date on the 30th. Well, when I first met him, I was like ( A Kid? I'm pretty sure, we'll be having a hard time teaching him)
But, I was wrong! He's really Smart! at his age He reads really fast and understood what he reads.
He Prays Powerfully! He Prayed for his Baptism, and for his Family that they may also accept the Gospel in their Lives. Well., He's really Awesome! I already Love this Kid.
And also, Yesterday was Fast & Testimony Sunday.
As I listen to the Member's Testimonies, 2 people caught my Attention An 18 Year Old Former Less Active Brother Bore one of the most Powerful Testimonies I've ever heard, He also wants to help his Family to be active again and to be sealed. He paused, and Cried. The Spirit was really Strong.
Also, a 23 year old Sister who's leaving to serve a Mission, She bore her Simple, but Powerful Testimony about the Blessings of Missionary Work, The Restored Gospel, & as a soon to be Full Time Missionary. I was touched by these 2 Testimonies. They strengthened my Testimony.
Also, Yesterday was the Pacqiao Fight, We only had 50 people at the Church because most of the members choose to watch it. I heard that Mayweather Won??? Hahahaha.
Well, what's Done is Done!
Anyways Mother's Day is coming near! I would like to greet Every Amazing Mom, A Haappy Mother's Day!!! especially to Myrna Borup, and Veronica Ordejan! I Love You both!!!!
We are allowed to skype next Monday!!! Please do skype me!!!

*My Desk

* Mango float

*Our District! (Elder Ordejan, Elder Webster, Elder Taylor, Elder Palabrica)
(Elder Taylor and me were Kapatid in the Mission, His Trainer was also my Trainer)

*Elder Webster! He loves Puppies!

*Ward Missionary Schedule!

*Selfie with the Cow!!!

*Clowning with the Cow

*Mission is Fun!

*Beautiful Sunset in Lupao

*BEWERE of Dog

*Selfie with Elder Webster

*Elder Webster broke one of our Plastic Chairs!!! ( Funny Story)

*Ladik! (Super Addicted to Gadgets!)

*Me and the Ward Missionaries

That's all for today...

Philippines Angeles Mission

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