Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Miracles!

Hello Everyone!!!
I will keep it short today,
Because we are going to a Resort (For our Zone Activity) right after we finish doing our Reports...
I am excited for it... :)
First, Thank You for the Greetings for my 1 Year Mark, Thank You for the Prayers.
You are all Awesome!
Our Week was really Busy...
We had an exchanges last Friday with our Zone Leaders, The Purpose was to Interview one of their Investigators for Baptism.
I worked with Elder Branzuela, I really Love their Area, Why? Because they have Bikes in their area... hahaha. I am really hoping that I get to be assigned in an area with Bikes. I just Love Biking!!!
Bro. Virgillo is the name of their Investigator, He's 16, I Love that Kid...
He answered every question Perfectly and Shared a Heart Melting Testimony.
He said; I am trying to set a Good Example to my Family, I've known that the Church Is True, I want to help and lead them to the Truth, and I want to show them how The Gospel changed my Life and I want to help them Change through the Gospel.
I was touched by his Words, As I Listen to his Testimony, I didn't notice that tears are slowly falling down from my eyes.
I Love to hear Experiences & Testimonies of Nonmembers and Members about the Gospel and The Church, It really Strengthens me.
Also, Last Saturday, Bro. JR got baptized!!! Hurrah!
The Members came, his Nonmember Family was also there to support him.
He was invited to bear his Testimony right after the Ordinance...
As he bear his Testimony, He shared How he found the Gospel, How he knew that its True, How grateful he is for the Members who helped him, and How the Gospel slowly changed him. He was touched by the Spirit that leads him to cry while bearing his Testimony. The Spirit was really strong that time.
I am so much Grateful for the Miracles that are happening in our Area.
This Week, Bro. JR's Mom (A Solid Born Again member), will be interviewed for Baptism. We are praying that She will pass, We know that she's Ready.
We are focusing in this Family right now, and We can tell that step by step the Gospel is starting to change and bless them.
And also, We have a New Branch Mission Leader!!!
We taught him his Responsibilities and at last, For the first time since I got here in Moncada,  We had our Missionary Coordination Meeting happen last Saturday night. This Meeting is really important for us as Missionaries. This is where Members and Missionaries unite and talk about Missionary Work.
I Love having this Meetings.
I also Love My District the Missionaries who are in my District are totally Awesome! I Love them all.
That's all for today,
Have a Great Week, Christmas is coming really fast!!! 11 Days to go!!!
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Baptism Of Bro. JR
*Biking in the Zone Leaders Area

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