Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy New Year!!! (In Advance) Coming Baptisms

Hello Everyone?

How's Christmas???
First, I would like to shout Thank You to those who sent me Christmas Presents, Letters, & Packages!!!
You are all AWESOME! I Love You All!
Well, Our Christmas was Wonderful!!!
We moved to our New Apartment last Tuesday, it was Fun!
We love our new house!!! 2 Air conditioned Rooms, 1 Big Bathroom, It's a Nice Apartment for the 4 of us.
Wednesday, was a normal Day, & because of the Christmas Season, We got punted a lot... Everyone is Super Busy preparing for Christmas...
Thursday, It is our Christmas Conference (for missionaries only), & Christmas Eve!!! Oh, How I Love Thursday! Our Conference started @ 9 am & it ended around 4 pm.
I Loved the Conference, We listened to our Wonderful mission leaders inspiring Talks, Ate Delicious Foods, Played Games, Exchanging Gifts (Companionship), Watched a Cartoon Christmas Movie (forgot the title), & Sang songs as Zone Choirs (I am in the Paniqui Zone, The song that was assigned for us to sing was Mary Did You Know)...
To be way honest, I miss home, etc. But i will also definitely miss How Missionaries Celebrates Christmas, Why? This is my last one, because next year I'll be home... 😢... 
Anyways, after the Conference, Of course time to go home,
We arrived at our Apartment at 5:35, So We did not go out for work anymore because We have Curfew at 6 pm...
Friday, It is our Weekly Planning Day (Last one with Elder Ball),
And, We Skyped & called our Loved Ones back home. It is still normal day, & because it is Christmas, We got Super punted again...
Sunday, We have 5 Investigators @ the Church, These 5 Wonderful People are preparing for their Baptisms on January & February.
Speaking of Baptisms, Sister Marinica (Our Investigator, She is 17, and is Super Progressing). Her interview was rescheduled, It will be tonight, So, Our Zone Leaders are coming to interview her.
Yesterday, We practiced the Baptism Interview Questions for her @ the Church with some members, The Lesson was Solid!!!
She answered the questions right, But when I asked her this Question;
"Why do want to get Baptized?"
Silence filled the room, and She was speechless, then she said, "I don't want to answer that question!"
After saying those words, She grabbed her handkerchief & started crying.
One of the Sister who joined our lesson was our Young Women President together with our 2 melchizedek priesthood holder, asked her "Why are you crying Sister?''
So, She asked the question that I asked, but our Young Women President said, 
If you don't want to answer the question of Elder, then In One sentence why Do you Want to get baptized?
Our Investigator then said (with wavering voice);
"Because I know that this is all True"
Well, that Experience taught me The Importance & Power of the Holy Ghost, and as well as the members.
Our Young Women President & Our Investigator are very close friends, And maybe she answered her question because Our Investigator knows & trusts her.
I Love the Members, They are our Wonderful & Important boosters for Conversion!
Also, Tomorrow Morning Elder Ball (My Gigantic Companion) will leave me.
He is going back to India (His real mission)
We've been together for 8 Weeks, and It was Awesome!!! I Love Elder Ball a lot, He is A wonderful Missionary... Now, Transfer Day is on the 31st, I do not know if I will stay in our area or transfer, If I transfer our area will get whitewashed, and Temporarily I will be joining 2 people until 31st, Elder Branzuela (Our Zone Leader, His companion will also go back to India, & Elder Teasdale His Companion left 2 weeks ago He also went to Guam, His Real Mission)
So, We will be threesome, Elder Branzuela, Elder Ordejan, & Elder Teasdale!
That is all for today!!!
I Love You with all the energy of my Heart!!!
PS Don't forget the Big 3!!
Advance Happy New Year!!!
Woahhh! 2016 Is Coming!!!!!🎉🎇🎆
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Me with our Neighbor's Cat
*With Elder Williams
*Elder Ball & I
*Epic Work

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