Sunday, December 6, 2015

Downhill, One More Baptism!

Hello Everyone!

Yes! Last December 5th, I celebrated my Year Mark.
Well, It made me cry... Realizing that I'm already 1 Year away from home and that I only have 1 more year as a Missionary.
1 Year of Successes, Happiness, and Wonderful Memories...
I am expecting a lot for this 1 more Year.
Here is what I learned and some of the facts I learned from my 1st Year:
*Filipinos are attracted in Americans
*Children Loves Missionaries(They Love to ask for a high 5)
*Missionaries gets really Disappointed when they walk 30 mins. for their appointment and suddenly no one's at the house.
*Missionaries Love to Eat Instant Foods (Canned Goods, Noddles, etc.).
*I Learned how to cook Chicken Curry, Adobo, Menudo, Tinola, & Spaghetti.
*Seize Matters! Especially when you have a 6'3 Companion & you're only 5'3,
People will make fun of the small Missionary.
*Missionaries Loves to receive Packages & Letters.
*Missionaries Loves Mondays! (Preparation Day, PDay)
*Missionaries doesn't like Teaching or Sharing about the Gospel on the Spot.
*Missionaries Loves Mothers Day, and Christmas Day. (Skyping Time)
*Missionaries Loves having Baptisms!
*Missionaries are scared of gaining Weight!
*And many many more... haha. I'm running out of time.
Well, about our Week,
We had a Baptism last Saturday, (My Year Mark)
Sister Bianca, and Sister Charmie.
They are one of the Special People in this area.
Despite of their young age,
They are both engage in the Church, They both attend every Activities, and Programs of the Church. They showed a BIG Desire to follow the Savior.
I am Grateful that They are now Members Jesus Christ's Church.
Members here are Super Awesome! I Love them all!
They Support and Love our Investigators and Recent Converts.
Yesterday our Branch President got released because he's leaving.
He is going to Canada...
I am excited for our New Branch President, It will be announced next Sunday.
Speaking of next Sunday... We have Stake Conference next Sunday!
Weird because we are part of the Moncada 2nd Choir. hahaha.
I Love Music, But I don't like Singing.
Also, another Great News!
The Uncle of Sister Bianca, Brother JR passed the Interview last Friday!!!
He will be baptize on the 12th of December!!!
This Man taught me The Beauty and Power of Repentance.
He wanted to Change and He desires to be a better person.
I Love Brother JR, He is a Humble Giant!
We are all excited for his Baptism.
We are also focusing in his Mom, Sister Myrna (She is a Solid Born Again Member)
We've been teaching her for a while, at first She was Hard, and does not keep our Commitments. But The Gospel changed everything, She was softened and understood the importance of our Commitments and She even Showed up for Sister Bianca's Baptism. Sister Bianca is her Granddaughter.
What's more Intense? Is, They went to the Temple Trip last Tuesday!!!
Sister Myrna, Her 2 Sons (JR, Jerwin and his wife, and Bianca and Mark)
They shared us their Wonderful Experience in the Temple.
They stated that they are excited to be Members and Perform Ordinances in The Lord's House.
We are excited for the results of our Labors in this Family.
God Lives. He knows each one of His Children...
That's all for today...
I Love You All!
-Elder Ordejan
*Year Mark Celebration
*We found a former celebrity!!! Before he's always in the Horror Movies. He is 7'3 Tall!

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