Sunday, February 28, 2016

Work! Work! Work!

Sorry, This is a short one...
I am still alive with my Trainee.
So, last week was Great!!! We keep on hearing scary stories and facts about our area.
Here's some of it,...
Our Apartment was robbed before, In the area that we live in a Woman was murdered in the road.
It is extremely dangerous at night in our area. There is no Street Lights, and It is hard to get a Tricycle at night. So Bro. Galang and I are doing our best to guard ourselves.
I still Love our Area!!!
Also, We changed our focused area, We decided to change our focused area, and that is Paco Roman... When I came to the area, they have 3 focused areas, and It was hard to manage, their Investigators are also not progressing. So, We decided to focus in the area where the Church and Active members live in. And We had a good success!!!
We found 6 New Investigators and 2 of them are really progressing. while the 4 others are in track.
We did a lot of Finding last Week. Finding is so much FUN!
I Love talking to People, I am glad that my Trainee also loves to talk to People.
More Great News!!! We are going to have 2 Baptisms this coming Saturday!!! Hurrah!
Bro. Galang and I are so excited for them!!! They are also excited for Saturday!
Spiritual Lesson for me last week was, "To be delighted in the Words of Isaiah"
-2 Nephi 11-25 (Read it)
Well, That is all for today...
Love:Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*With Pres. Russel M. Nelson
*Me in Paco Roman!!!

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