Sunday, May 1, 2016

God doesn't want us to Fail

Hello Everyone!!!

Time is running fast, It is Monday again. How are you? How's your week? I prayed and hoped that you had a good one. We had a good week I guess...

First, one of our investigators passed the baptismal interview! So, she will be baptized on may 7. One of our investigator was also scheduled to be interviewed last Saturday but she wasn't there. She went to the big city(San Jose) for an emergency. Her interview was moved to wednesday (may 4). Yesterday at the Church, She talked to us and asked for forgiveness for not showing up in her interview. I can see that these 2 amazing people will never left the Church. They are enjoying it. They loved the Church, they are engaged in the Church Activities, and sometimes they seem like they're already members. One of them even joined the reactivation activity yesterday. Members in our branch are doing a great job befriending them. I know that the branch is small, the branch auxiliaries may not be functioning really well, but that doesn't mean that we will stop doing our purpose as missionaries, and that is "To invite others to come unto Christ"...

Last Thursday we had our Trainer's and Trainee's meeting in the biggest city (I think) of our mission (Cabanatuan) it's an hour and a half away from our area. The meeting was great! We talked about the training of our trainees and some other useful things to apply in our training. Before it started every trainer and trainee will stand in the front and introduce their Trainer and Trainee to everyone. I almost cried when my trainee said "This is Elder Ordejan the best Tatay(Trainer) in the world! Oh, it is wonderful to hear that from your anak(trainee). I sometimes think and I am not a good trainer but in my Trainee's opinion I was. I remember one time I was saying sorry to him for not being a good trainer. He will just oppose to what I have said. I Love my anak(trainee). He helped me more than I helped him. He will be a great missionary of this mission! (That's for sure!)

Yesterday I think it was one of the best Sunday I've had so far in this area. So, We have been teaching a less active family (Family Punay) since I got in this area. They haven't been to Church for a long time because the Church is 5-6 miles away from them, and the Fare is expensive too. Now, last week Brother Punay told us that he won a bike from a contest. He told us that they can come to Church now because they have 2 bikes now. My trainee and I got so excited after he said that. And we were so surprised seeing them yesterday with their 2 bikes and 2 daughters. They biked 5-6 miles!!! I think they showed Faith from this experience. I love this Family. We have goaled them to be sealed as a Family! I can see that our dream of helping them to be sealed will come true!!!

Also, We lost our phone last Thursday. I testify that Missionary Work is hard without a phone! Hahaha. We have received the consequences. So, every night we try to find someone that is kind to use their phone for a few minutes to report our daily work to our Zone Leaders. Good thing there's a lot of kind people in our area. :)

Our lessons last week was really low. I think we need to focus on planning. Every night we have a lot of names planned to be taught the next day but the results are not good. We will do our best this week to recover. Good thing we were still able to find 5 new investigators. We're just hoping and praying that they will progress.

I think that's all for today...

*Rain Season has started!!! Yay! I Love Rain!

Always Remember, Obedience Matters! and I Love You!!!


Philippines Angeles Mission

Paco Roman Branch

San Jose Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

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