Sunday, June 12, 2016

LIFE (Live It Fully Everyday)

Well,I feel like my companion and I pressed a restart button last week.
Last Tuesday we started to move to our new apartment. We woke up and started packing and cleaning our old house. (It is important to clean the house before you leave, I don't wanna hear any complaints from our last landlord)
It was a tiring day for us. Luckily our branch president came and helped us.He's the best!
Well, right after we arrived to our new apartment, we started cleaning and putting every stuff we have which took us a day to finish. I am getting tired of cleaning houses now.

A month ago, me and my companion got sick on and off...
We found out what's the problem. It was our Water Filter!!!
We received our New Water Filters and replaced it, we were both surprised how disgusting the old filter was. good thing it didn't get worse. It's good to have clean water filters again!

Last Thursday, We had our Zone Conference. we slept over at the Zone Leaders apartment (wednesday night). And we left san jose like 5:40. I don't like waking up that early! But the purpose was good, so it's worth it. I Love Zone Conferences! My companion and I was filled with faith, hope, and motivations that we desperately need in our area.
President Clark broke his foot, but still continued to preside and teach us that Day.
He's an amazing man! I look up to him a lot.
We have been blessed by wonderful and spiritual leaders in our Mission.
I Love being a Missionary!!!

Also, Last Thursday, I celebrated my 3rd Year anniversary as a member of the Church!!!
I cannot count the changes and blessings that has happened to my life.
The Gospel blesses the lives of individuals and families, I testify of that.
I know that this is Christ's Church, I know that the Book Of Mormon is another Testament of the Savior.

Yesterday I taught  Sunday School in the branch we're serving. I always feel nervous but the Spirit helped me deliver the lesson. I kinda have a feeling of taking education after my mission. I don't know yet, But I already love teaching people!!! haha.
The Branch members joked at me and said that they wanted me to be their Sunday School Teacher forever. I don't know about that...

My trainee's training's almost done. So, next week will be transfer day. It is crazy fast!!!
12 weeks was super fast. I have seen my trainee grow, It is amazing to see his skills developed, and spirit strengthens. I Love Elder Mecham, He is an example to me.
Hope, I get to stay here for another transfer...

Well, that's all for today.
Ingat kayo lagi!


Philippines Angeles Mission

Paco Roman Branch

San Jose Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*My Full Time Trainee's
(Elder Berdin & Elder Mecham)
*My Filipino Batchmates
*Our New Aprtment

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