Monday, June 6, 2016

TIME (Things I May Enjoy)

Short one for today...
My email for today is late, because my companion and I went to Tarlac (2-3 hours away from our area). We went there for my CLS test. (It's like a language test)
My English skills was tested. hahah. I don't like answering the questions, but it was fun.
Last Saturday we Our Stake here, had a Stake One Day Mission Activity. (Combined activity with members and some missionaries of the Stake)
It was a wonderful activity. We went to a mountainous area. It was awesome! I was assigned to be with a male member for that day, and he's from Lupao!!! hahaha. it's like a little reunion. This area has no Missionary work background, there's no Church in this area or missionaries. We went to 3 barangays of this one municipality and started the work going. The people there was incredible. they welcomed us warmly,and gave their wide warm smiles to us. Every family and individual that we met in that area was excited to hear from us, and wanted us to come back for more, they are truly looking for the Gospel, they are spiritually thirsty and hungry.. I am lucky to be a part of that activity. It rekindled my excitement when I first heard the restored gospel.
I Love Missionary Work! It connects people together.
Also, Last Wednesday I was able to have an exchanges with Elder Valdez (he is part of my district). He is my batch coming here in the field and going home as well. It was weird. haha. I enjoyed it though. We were talking about our time left, and how fast our 2 years was.
Now, We are still struggling in our area. STRUGGLING IN FINDING INVESTIGATORS...
I hope that this coming week will be a good one.
Tomorrow, We are moving to our new apartment. We are super excited, it has AC! (Air conditioned room). and what's best? it is located to our focus area, and it is super close to the Church.
It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow, and on Thursday we will have our zone conference. this is going to be a very busy week.
My trainee and I are down to our 11th week of training! Close to the finish line!!!
That is all for today!
Mahal ko Kayo!


Philippines Angeles Mission

Paco Roman Branch

San Jose Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*I Love Mountains
*One Day Mission

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