Sunday, July 10, 2016

I Love Cabanatuan!


Well, Today's gonna be a short one...
Last Tuesday we had our MLC or (Mission Leadership Council) in the Mission Home.
It was a wonderful experience! All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders of this mission gathered together to talk about the mission, and etc.
We received a lot of information's and revelations from President and Sister Clark.
We delivered the messages that we heard from them to our Zone mates the next day.
Wednesday, We had our Zone Training Meeting. The Zone gathered around 10 a.m.
Elder Naylor and I with our Sister Training Leaders (Sis. Tumala and Sis. Hansen)
delivered everything that we received from our MLC.
Our Zone mates participated really well. Some shared good insights, and asked inspired questions.
After the Meeting, We had our PIZZA PARTY! wooohooo! It was way good!
Why do we have Pizza Party? Because last June, Our Zone got Standard Of Excellence (S.O.E) for Baptisms.
President and Sister Clark sent the Pizza's to us. 
Our Zone happily feasted on it. haha.
Also, We had an exchanges with Elder Mendoza and Elder Romualdo last Thursday. My companion was Elder Mendoza. We worked in our area.
It was a wonderful experience. Elder  Mendoza is one of he District Leaders in our Zone. He's a good missionary. He's a positive person, and loves to eat street foods. haha.
Last Saturday, 4 Baptismal Interviews happened all over our zone.
One of our investigator, (Rowena Galvan) She was interviewed by Elder Quinzon, Elder Quinzon is our District Leader. She passed the interview.
We interviewed 2 investigators of Elder Mendoza and Elder Romualdo in their area.
Both passed the interview. Lastly, We interviewed the investigator of Elder Faasavalu. and He passed too.
Baptisms are happening this week.
We are blessed with valiant and hard working missionaries in our Zone, They truly know their purpose.
I Love the missionaries in our Zone!
Elder Naylor is still awesome! He cares a lot for me, and every missionary in our Zone too.
That's all for today,


Philippines Angeles Mission

Cabanatuan Ward 3

           Cabanatuan  Zone

"May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong"

*Reunion with Elder Mecham
*Pizza Party
*MLC pictures

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