Monday, January 26, 2015

The 6th Week

Hello Family and Friends!
I can't believe that I'm already 6 Weeks in the Mission Field!!!
My last week was a kind of a weak week for us.
The highlights of our last week's work was, Sister Jasmin, (one of our investigators) passed the Interview.
She'll be baptized on Jan. 31st. 
Our Branch Mission Leader (Bro. Francisco, 55 years old) is facing Big Problems right now, Yesterday He wasn't able to attend the Church, We decided to visit him in the afternoon, and He shared us something about his Family. He's really in an awful situation.
We gave him a Priesthood Blessing (A blessing of Comfort) As I say the words that the Spirits directs me to say, My tears keeps rolling down to my cheeks. I felt so much joy after giving him a blessing especially when we saw him crying.
Sigh... I know that Heavenly Father will help him.

We had a Trainer- Trainees Meeting last Thursday, It was really AWESOME!
And me and my Trainer are improving in many different ways.
I am struggling in having a Good Attitude. I don't know but the Trainer-Trainee's Meeting helped me a lot.
I just can't deny the fact that Ups and Downs in Missionary Work exist... Before I really thought this work is easy, as easy as 123... But now to be way honest, It's so hard. But I am learning a lot, and I Love it. Sometimes, I can't help myself but cry.
I prayed really hard to our Father in Heaven, for help. and I have a strong testimony that He answers my Prayers.
I can see that Me and my Companion are teaching our Investigators more effectively.
Right now, I am struggling about managing my romantic feelings to a one member here in our Branch, She's not from our area, But On Sundays, Every time I saw her, I have this weird feeling. I am not in love with her, But In my eyes she's Beautiful.
I am not thinking of her every day, Just on Sundays, ( I mean every time I saw her). I talked about this to my Companion, and he gave me suggestions and Ideas to stop what I'm feeling or thinking to this Sister. And I am willing and striving to avoid this feeling. I am looking forward for your help. I Love Being A Missionary!
Please do me a favor guys, Please Send me letters, or something, I am so jealous to the other missionaries who receives a letter each week. :(
And also, Anyone who has a free time, Can You please send me Lindsey Stirling's Orchestral Songs, and Also The Piano Guys's Songs, And Peter Hollens Christmas Songs too. Thanks a Bunch!
That's all for today. Enjoy your Joy! I Miss You All! I Love You All!
Keep me in touch...

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