Monday, January 12, 2015

ELDER ORDEJAN's 1st Baptism!

Happy Monday!
So, as what you can see in my Subject Heading! Yeah! I had my 1st Baptism last Saturday January 11, 2015)
Before that I would like to share the things that happened to me last week...

Tuesday: We started our day jogging to Brgy. Pesa(One of our areas) We jogged 10 kilometers! We were so tired and our body sores until Wednesday. Then, we had 7 lessons and, I finally met Sister Pesa! (She just barely arrived from Dubai, visiting her Children, She's a Teacher for almost 30 Years! She's way Smart!!! Today, Homesickness strikes again. after our jogging, I went to our room and started packing my things. I don't know. I feel like going home. My Companion again talked to me. He helped me realized the things that I sacrificed before my Mission. I got motivated, then I started apologizing to him about being stupid. Well, for me, I still find it hard to adjust in Missionary Life. But now, I know what, where, and who am I going to focus with.

Wednesday: We had 5 lessons and, what stood out to me in this day was a Grandma named Sister Juliana (One of our Investigators in Brgy. Pesa, Mother of  Sis. Pesa, she's like 87 years old?) She's hilarious! She's smart too! I just laughed about how she creates sentences, She uses old and deep Tagalog words! She also went to Dubai with her Daughter. She describes the Elevator as the Moving Door! HAHAHAHA!

Thursday: We had our Zone Meeting Training, Our Zone Leaders shared the things that they've learned from their meeting with our Mission President! I am so happy about our Mission's Progress! Our theme for this year is REAL GROWTH!!! Sounds awesome right? Well, It is really perfect for me! I really need REAL GROWTH as a Missionary. They've taught us Awesome Lessons. That helped me to better understand my purpose! The Philippines Angeles Mission's Baptism Goal for this year is 1800 Baptisms! Pretty high huh? but we are sure that we are going to achieve it!!! We had 5 Lessons today. We taught a guy named Bro. Dennis (The one I OYM'ed when we had our splits) It was really a great lesson! He now understands the purpose of life.

Friday: I cant remember enough! I am so focused  for our Baptism on Saturday! Hahahaha!

Saturday: YEAH! The BIG Day! @ 6:00 pm We had our Baptism service for Sister  Kimberly Napao! My First Baptism! It's just a cool feeling to baptize a Child of God! She bores her testimony with a BIG SMILE on her face! The Spirit was really strong. and We will never stop to help and serve the Children of God here in Bongabon. Sis. Kim is a good start for me. I am so motivated to focus more on my Mission!!!

Sunday: Yeah! I was also able to Participate in confirming Sister Kim at the Sacrament Meeting! I am so happy! Enough said. :) We had 9 Investigators who came to Church! Another awesome news!!! :)
Then after the Sunday Service we Went to Brgy. Mantile (one of our areas) and taught one of our Investigator named Bro. Miranda (He's way weird, but he's very smart) He has ideas like filming the Book of Mormon on the National TV. I don't know, but He's really weird. He said that he's been doing research about the Church. And He's telling us about inventions and stuff. Whew! really weird! but I still love him! and I am willing to serve him and help him receive the Gospel in his life. :)

That's all for today.

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