Monday, January 19, 2015

1 Month in my Area! (Trike Accident)

Hello Everyone!!! How are you guys doing? It's been a month since I got here in my 1st area. BONGABON, NUEVA ECIJA! And that 1 month was really a great month for me.

So, Last week was a blast!!! Last Monday Night. we worked in one of our areas, and We Found a Family named Bautista Family. They are so AWESOME! I love this Family. They listened to our message, and that time the spirit was really strong! They understood the message of The Restoration of the Gospel, answers our questions perfectly, and I asked them if they are willing to follow Jesus Christ's example by being baptized, then... they said YES!!! their baptism date's on Feb 21. after that lesson, me and my Companion was like jumping up and down in so much joy. It's just that Family is really golden. I Love them so much. and they said that they want to hear more about our message. So, we are going to focus on them. 

Then,last Thursday, We had our Zone Interviews with our Mission President, (My first Zone Interview) It was really a good day for me! I Love talking to President Clark. I've felt their love for us. I am so surprised to hear him speak Tagalog to me. the Interviews went well. He asked me if How's my 1st Area, How's my Companion, and How's my Physical and Spiritual Health. then, after the Interviews, we ate Lunch (American Lunch) Cookies, Chips, Sandwiches, And a glass of Royal. We then went home and worked.

Friday! On Fridays we're having our Weekly Planning. Weekly Planning takes forever to finish!!! But I LOVE IT!!! Me and my Companion were doing our best setting Goals for the week. Weekly Planning is not just a normal Planning, It should be a Spiritual Planning.
We found a Guy in Brgy. Mantile(one of our area) named Randel Fajardo!!! We found him washing his Motorcycle outside his house, so, We talked to him and found out his real personality! I was really scared to him.... Why?
He's a former Iglesia Ni Cristo, a Murderer, A Drug User, and the Police's been keeping an eye to him.
He told us his Scary and Sad Story. What scared me was I saw a Gun at his waist!!! SO, I was like, MAN! There's a bunch of people in this area. Why him??? But I was touched by his story. I've felt that He Wants to Change. So, Our lesson with him was really AWESOME! He even invited us to have lunch the next Day. He's Nice, But I'm still scared.

Saturday, We came back to Randel Fajardo, He offered us Lunch! We taught him and He said that He wants to Change. So, It was really AWESOME! We promised him that we will do our best to help him change through the Gospel. (He even offered me his Samurai, But I refused to accept it. Haha. I don't have anything to use with that Samurai) One more thing! One ouf our Investigator was permitted to get baptized this January 31! We are so blessed! And We found a new Investigator The Moratal Sisters, names are Arriane and AJ. they are both nice We gave them a Baptism date on February 28. 

Sunday, YEAH! We had 12 Investigators who attend Church! It's really A Blessing for us. I can now see the fruits of our HARDWORK and OBEDIENCE!
It rained so hard this day. In the afternoon, We went to Brgy. Pesa. Sister Judy Ann(Recent Convert) and Bro. Francisco(Branch Mission Leader) worked with us. We taught Bro. Aljon(recent convert) and Family Pesa(Golden Husband and Wife Investigator) The Pesa Family gave us Snickers(From Dubai) and Big White Onions (from their Farm)! It's my first time to see white onions in person! They're huge! later that night, I had an accident My Toes got run over by a Trike! It hurts so BAD! I can't even walk normally. It really hurts until now. I texted the Wife of our Mission President. She gave me list of things to do. Well, I am now in Pain. and I am praying and hoping that my right foot will get better as soon as possible.
That's all for today. I Miss You All! please take good care of yourself... Have a great week to come!


*Me Taking a SELFIE with my Tatay at the back

*That's me and my Desk


*My Poor Toes

*Snickers from DUBAI



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