Monday, March 9, 2015

MY 7th BAPTISM! and Transfer Day on March 12!!!

Hello All!
What's Up??? So, I am just gonna email you short today, I'm just gonna share the highlight of our week. We had 50 OYM's!!! and Sister Leonila Pesa and Brother Reynaldo Pesa got BAPTIZED last Sunday (Mar. 8) AWESOME!!! Me and My Trainer/Tatay Baptized them.
That will be our last Baptism together, because there's 99% SURE that my Trainer/Tatay will transfer this coming Thursday!!! Man! I am still surprised that our Training's already done!!! :(
I am not really ready for this coming Transfer. I confessed it to my Trainer/Tatay, I asked him if he could ask our Mission President to stay. But He said President will never grant requests like that... I Love My Trainer/Tatay so much! He's AWESOME! I've learned lots of things from him! He trained me really well. Even if sometimes we had communication problems, I'm still grateful for his effort of changing me and helping me grow! I will miss him. But no matter what happens I'm just gonna do my very BEST to lead. I am excited to know if who will be my Follow Up Trainer. :)
Maybe that's all for today!!!
To my Family and Friends, Please help me pray for a nice Companion!!!
I miss you guys so much! Please don't forget to keep in touch!!!
Always remember,  MAHAL NA MAHAL KO KAYO!
Please don't forget to read the SCRIPTURES!!! It will help you a lot!!!

Wait..... Today, We had a Zone Activity in Dinggalan!
We went to the BEACH!!! It was so FUN, even if we're under the heat of the SUN!



*Baptism Pictures of Sis. Leonila and Reynaldo Pesa

*Dinner @ the Pesa's

*Zone Activity (Dinggalan Beach, Mar. 9, 2015,)

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