Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello to Everyone!!!
How's your week??? Well, as part of our 12 week Program (for Trainer & Trainees)
It's my responsibility to lead our Area, The Lessons, and everything. Because we're on our 11th week. And I am doing this until our training ends (Ends on March 12 *Transfer Day) It's so STRESSFUL! And I realize that I really still need the help of my Trainer/Tatay. Often Times, in so much stress, I just broke down and CRY... My Trainer/Tatay said, CRYING is not a sign of weakness, It's a way of getting EMOTIONS out. I asked him if he could give me a Priesthood Blessing, & He did. That was really a wonderful blessing. Often times life will spin you in directions you didn't expect. "BE HAPPY" an easy words to say, But I am not a good example of this. And I am trying to do better because I know that HAPPINESS is a CHOICE! I can't control my Life, But I can control how I react to it. And I realize that in all life's aspect I should always FIND the JOY in it.

Fear, Last Week, I experienced the Word Fear, Why? It's because, since I got here, I always hear Negative things about My Trainer/Tatay from Missionaries and Members. And I'm tired it. I really want to defend him. But I don't have that courage to do so. My Obedience was measured when We had an exchanges with the Missionaries in our District. I worked in their area. And I discovered some inappropriate stuff that they should not be doing. But What I did was I just followed all the things that the Missionary did. I didn't told those things to my Tatay after our Exchanges.I feel bad about it, and A day later, I confessed all those things to my Tatay. He's kinda Disappointed to me. But I told him that I really want to be like him. As Obedient as I could. It came to the point that after our District Meeting Last Wednesday (I gave my 1st Workshop! It went really well!).  
We had our District Inventory, and My Trainer/Tatay opened all those things to them. Everything went well. and Now, there's no Secrets anymore in our District. I just wanna be Obedient to all the Rules.

Pride, I admit that sometimes, I'm PRIDEFUL. And I don't really like it! ?This is the one reason why Me and my Trainer/Tatay had problems. And I wanna change it because I want to cherish our time together, because we don't know if one of us is going to transfer this coming transfer... We both committed to enjoy our time together. 
Earlier this morning in my personal study, I read the Talk of Pres. Ezra Taft Benson about "Beware of Pride"
I really like the things that He said, He said that "The Proud are Easily offended, which is really true, sometimes I really feel that way.
"The Proud do not receive counsel or correction easily. Defensiveness is used by them to justify & rationalize their frailties & failures." I also feel that way.
"Pride adversaly affects all our relationships!" This is really True!
"UNITY is IMPOSSIBLE for a PROUD PEOPLE., & unless we are one we are not in the Lord's. Pride affects all of us at various times, and in various degrees
It is the broken heart and contrite spirit. We can choose to humble ourselves by RECEIVING COUNSEL & CHASTISEMENT. We can choose to HUMBLE ourselves by FORGIVING those who have offended me." I really like it so much. I am a Prideful Person, But I really want to change! I really Do!
I Love my Trainer/Tatay so much. And I'm really going to miss his Ideas, Suggestions and Everything. 
Anyways, We have an Upcoming Baptism this Friday (March 6, 2015)!
Names are Leonila and Reynaldo Pesa! They have 3 kids, and they're in Dubai (working) We are so EXCITED!!! 

I am not going to send Pictures today. But I just want you to know That MAHAL na MAHAL ko Kayo! Always take  good care of yourselves!


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