Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!!!
Yes, you're right! I got transferred last Thursday.
My Companion is ELDER WEBSTER he's 8 months old in the Field. And He's my Senior Companion. He was called to be our District Leader. (All of my companions were District Leaders)
He's really a Great Missionary, His last companion was not really obedient. And his Tagalog was really good. He's kinds stressed about being a Senior Companion (It's his first time) and also being a District Leader (also his first time). He's also scared of OYM'ing. 
I am now in Lupao!
It's one of the the furthest Area in the Philippines Angeles Mission.
where 80% of the People here speaks ILOCANO!!! It's Crazy!!!
We have a Brgy. here that's 15 feet away from the Borders of the Philippines Urdaneta Mission!!!!
Anyways, The Ward was really Amazing! They gave me a warm welcome...
Yesterday after the Sunday Service We had a Ward Lunch in one of the Members house.
It was really Fun! The Members here are really nice! 
And We also have members who work with us. (What's funny, We badly need members to work with us in order to translate our Tagalog to Ilocano)
Man! Ilocano's really a Hard Language to learn! I can just speak the Basics.
Good thing I met 4 Ilonggo's here! haha
How I Miss my First Area! It's really different from Lupao.
I remember when I said my Last Goodbye to the Members and Recent Converts in my Last Area.It was really emotional... Tears are falling. I will never ever forget the People in my last area. I learned a lot from them, I changed a lot, and I also experienced Real Growth.
Transfers are Transfers. I know that there's Reason why....
And Faith is what we need to Find new People here in my 2nd Area...
Faith to Hope, Believe, and Act... Well, I am excited to work in my 2nd Area.
And I will do my very very Best to serve Him...
That's all for Today!!!

*Me and Elder Green

*Bongabon Goodbye's

*My Batchmates!

*Bongabon Apartment

*Lupao Apartment (with 2 Bathrooms, and Christmas Lights in my Desk, Really a Nice House)


*Beautiful Sunset @ Lupao

*Lupao Ward Missionaries & the 2 Level Chapel

*Kimberly's Pillowcase Present for Me (With my name on it)

Philippines Angeles Mission

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