Monday, April 6, 2015

4 Months in the Mission Field!

Hello Everyone!? I am safe! from that Super Typhoon Chedeng!
What's Funny was It didn't Rain here in Bongabon! TV knows how to lie huh?
No Way!!! I can't believe it! I'm already 4 Months in the Field!
Time flies by so FAST! And I can't really deny the fact that even as a Missionary, The Ups and Downs of Life is still there. And it is really up to you, how you face it. I absolutely love what I am doing and am happy
that I can share what I love with the people here in Bongabon. I
want to show others that the most value and
happiness comes from living high moral standards and from loving yourself the way you are. Sometimes fear gets in the way. Fear is the opposite of
love,and I have to keep reminding myself of that every day.
 Last Tuesday We had our Zone Interviews, All the Missionaries in Bongabon Zone came. ( It's my 2nd Zone Interview )
 My Mission President asked me questions and stuff. I really felt his Love for me. And I really do Love The Wife of our Mission President. She's so genuine! She's an Amazing Woman!
Well, Our Work last week was pretty low, It's hard teaching without a 16 Years Old male member. But We did our best. We worked hard. And Eventually We were able to find 6 new Investigators. :)
Sister Jessica Punsalan, One of our Very Progressing Investigator, Her Brother Approved the Permission to be baptized on the 18th of April! 
That was really AWESOME! Our Heavenly Father really answers our Prayers.
He knows the desires of His Children. That really made my Week.
So far We are Going to have 2 firm Baptisms on April 18.
And The Sibuyas Festival here in Bongabon is Coming close ( April 10 )
It's goin to be a hard week for us.
And also, Today We went to a Dental Clinic in Cabanatuan for my tooth.
Bad News, I am goin to take a Root Canal Operation for my front tooth As Soon As Possible! I Really Hate Pain.
PS I Miss and Love You All!
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