Monday, April 20, 2015

My 8th Baptism, Gratitude and Transfers

Hello Family and Friends!
Well, Last Week was really a great week for me.
We had a Service Project in Santor Last Tuesday! (Area of our Housemate's)
We cleaned the Canal... ( My First Service Project) It was really FUN!!!
The Brgy. Officials thanked us for Cleaning it.
Also, The President of the Missionary Recovery Center called me via Phone.
We had a good talk, He taught me Life Changing Lessons which I can really apply as an Individual and also as a Missionary. I am really Grateful that I am here in the Philippines Angeles Mission, Serving the Lord. I am also Grateful for my FAMILY who helped , Support, & Inspires me the most. And also, I am Grateful for the People I met here in the Field, My Companions, District Mates, Zone Mates, Investigators, Members, And My Mission Leaders.
I Just Want to say Thank You!!!
Also, Last Saturday We had a National Day of Service!
We cleaned the Public Amusement Park of Bongabon...
The Members and Leaders of the Bongabon District were all there, As well as the Bongabon Zone Missionaries. It Was really FUN!!!
Saturday Night, We had a Baptism Service!!! Arjay Napao got baptized!
My Heart melts seeing him Smiling and excited immersing to the Waters of baptism.
He bore a short powerful Testimony. He got baptized along with the Baptismal candidates of our District Mates.
Transfers are coming... It'll be on the 23rd... and I am 80% Sure that I'm transferring.
Well, No matter what Happens, I know that everything will be Well! :)

Pray and Read the Scriptures, Everyday! Everyday! Everyday! 

*Community Service Project's

*Baptism Pictures

* A Teenage Carabao


*Selfie Under the Sun

*Elder Green and His Beloved Dr. Pepper Cans. (Addicted to Dr. Pepper)

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