Monday, June 1, 2015

My 9th BAPTISM! Transfers are coming!

Hello Everyone? HAPPY JUNE 1st!!!
I can't believe it?! I am already 6 months in the field! Time is kickin really fast!
So, Last Week was a BLAST!!! We found 9 New Investigators, 3 Less Active Members, and We had 1 Baptism...
We found this 9 New Investigators By Our Personal Efforts.
2 of them are Part members. They have Baptism Goal Dates on July 11th, and July 4th.
Names are:
Rose Pinile
Gerald Pinile
Lourdes Pinile
Agnes Pinile
Quennie Pomantoc
Angela Pomantoc
Justin Osias
Julie Osias
Dolores Altejos
4 of them are cousins (the Osias and Pomantoc, And they are really amazing! They are always excited to listen to our Message, They always ask us after the lesson, If when are we going back to teach them.
The Pinile is a Family that we found through OYM. They are so receptive, and nice. But Yesterday when we went to their house to pick them up, Sister Lourdes came and said that we Can't come to your Church, and her mother came came and Said, Elders My Husband said We can't listen to you anymore... When I heard that line, I felt like a Lightning struck my heart... I tried to respond positively to her. We bore our testimonies and said that we are happy to come back and teach them.
A rejection from the Investigators are really one of the most Painful Part of being a Missionary. Your FAITH will be tested in this Situation. Where you need to choose between Giving up on them or to BELIEVE that you can ACHIEVE your Visions for them. I Have Faith that the Lord prepared these People. It's just up to us How we react on this situations. As One of The Armies of God, Being Like The Savior is the Key to Success.
Also My 9th Baptism happened Last Saturday!!!
The Ward Leaders and some of the Members came to support and witness his Baptism. Seeing your Investigators immersed in the water will always be a heart melting scene for me. One soul has been saved...
And The Work here is not yet done.
To be Honest, I was filled with Great Joy this whole week.
This Week was really one of the Best Week so far in this Area.
Anyways, Transfer Day will be on June 3rd. And I don't have a feeling being transferred. My Companion feels that He's transferring. But We will see... :)
So, That's all for today... :)

Always Remember to PRAY & READ THE BOOK OF MORMON,


*Hiking Just Earlier (We are wearing our District T-Shirts)

      Philippines Angeles Mission

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