Monday, July 13, 2015

3 More Souls To Save Next Week! Transfer Day On The 15th!

Hello Auntie and Uncle Borup!
Yay! Last Week was really a Good Week!
Our Whole Week was filled with Rain... But We Never stop Inviting and Teaching People About Christ!!! I Listed 3 Miracles today.
MIRACLE Number 1:
We Found 4 New Investigators Yesterday,
Marvin & Erika N.
Merlinda & Jmor B.
They're All Amazing! They Accepted us in their homes with Humble Hearts and They Listened Carefully To The Message Of The Restored Gospel.
I was Kinda Sad Yesterday, Because from that 4 New Investigators, No One Showed Up For The Church Service. But It's Okay, Because We still had 8 other Amazing Investigators that attended the Church Service Yesterday.
These 8 Amazing Investigators are a Testimony Of Faith for me.
Despite of The Heavy Rain yesterday, They Still came to Attend The 3 Hour Block Church Service. That's a Big Miracle for me!  They are really Showing their Desire to Follow The Savior. I was really touched by this People's Desire.
I am experiencing The Happiness, and Miracles Of Missionary Work here. The Lord really Knows his Missionaries,And I Testify That The Angels are Preparing The Hearts Of The People.
MIRACLE Number 2:
We've been Teaching A 60 Years Old Grandmother with her 42 Years Old Daughter In Law, & her 17 Year Old Son for 2 Weeks. For That 2 Weeks I Started to Love them. They're so Nice and Humble, They Keep their Commitments and Even attends Church. They even gave us Refreshments after The Lesson, And asked if  When are We coming back to Teach Them. That shows us that They Are Hungry. Hungry For The Truth. Hungry For The Restored Gospel. I've seen How The Gospel Changed them. And We are going to do Our Very Best to Fed them and Nourish them with The Everlasting Food That We have.
MIRACLE Number 3:
3 Of Our Amazing Investigators passed the Interview last Friday!!!
I am so Happy that We are Going To Harvest The Fruits Of Our Labors!
Their Baptism Date is on The July 18th. And They are all excited for that Day!
It makes me so Happy!!! I am A Witness of Their Conversions. From an Ordinary Person, To An Extra-Ordinary Person! That's The 3 Miracles happened to us Last Week. :)
Yes! Transfer Day Again! This is My Short-Term Trainee's Last Monday.
He's going back to Tarlac on Thursday, I will miss Brother Villamor He rally did a great Job, helping me here in Lupao. Transfer Announcements will be on Wednesday. I am Praying that I don't get Transferred. I still want to see Our Upcoming Baptisms!!! Please Help Me Pray!!! But, Whatever Happens, I know That Everything Happens for a reason. So, Come, What May and Love it!!!
Pray, And Read The Scriptures Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!

*Our District @ Mcdo

*Me, Angela and Justin

*Heavy Rain

*Presents for my Birthday! (Thank You So Much!)

*Cute Sleeping Cat @ The Window

*With Almira
*She looks like my Niece

*Yesterday after the Service

*A Walling Frog!

Philippines Angeles Mission

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