Monday, July 27, 2015

2 More Souls To Save on August 1st!, & Zone Interviews!

Hello Everyone!
Yaahoo! GOOD NEWS! 2 of our Investigators passed the Interviews last Friday!
It's Julie O. and James C.
We're all excited for August 1st! I just realized that We have Consistent Baptisms now.
And That's a Big Miracle for me! This Baptisms won't happen if We are Disobedient, Prideful, Lazy, Selfish, etc... But because We are Obedient, Humble, Diligent, and Charitable, This Baptisms will come and come and come as many as possible. I am Happy that I am now enjoying My Life as a Missionary! Back in My 1st Area, I was crying because of Homesickness, Now I am crying for Our Investigators, A Big difference for me, I never felt this much Joy & Heartache before. I Love Being A Missionary! I Love being me! I Love My Companion, I Love Our Investigators, I Love Our Mission Leaders, and I Love The Lord.

Last Friday, We had Our Zone Interviews with Our Mission President,
I Love Our Mission President and his Wife. So far, It was The Best Zone Interviews for me.
We discussed about, The 72 Hour Kit, and Some Reminders and Reviews about The Mission's Rules and Progress. President Clark and I had an Awesome Talk, He told me that He is seeing a Big Change in me, and in our Area. I didn't know that He is really mindful for each one of us here in Angeles Mission. I Love him so much, They stand as Our Tatay and Nanay here. 

Our work was really doing GREAT! We found 7 new investigators.
We got punted in some of our Appointments, And that's not a sign to give up...
I know that Life is not Consistent, Life is like a Ride in a Roller-coaster...
There will always be Ups and Downs. Just Enjoy The Ride, and Be Wise.
Yesterday was another MIRACLE! 12 Investigators came to Church!!!
So, Happy seeing The Gospel Principles Room filled with Investigators, They all have a Special Place in my Heart!!! Me and Elder Naylor will continue serving and helping them come closer to The Savior and inherit The Everlasting Joy that The Gospel of Jesus Christ could give.

Me and My Companion are doing really Great Things! He is Totally Awesome!
He's one of my Ideal Companion, So Lucky that The Lord Put us together.
I Love his Personality and Everything in him. We laugh a lot, and still serving each other.
He is diligent and Loves to Work, I have no problem about his Teaching Skills, Because He's really good at it! We're like Best friends already!
I am so Happy, that next week 2 of our Investigators (Leomark S. My Younger Version and his Mom, Vilma S.) are next In Line for The Baptism Interview!
They will be interviewed after The Baptism. I am confident that They will Pass it!
So Happy that I found my younger Version here! Leomark is just like me.
His Mom is Super Nice too! I Love this Family so much! Sister Vilma's 2 Daughters! And they Came to Church as a Family Yesterday! So Much Joy right now!
That's All for Today, I encourage you to continue doing The Things that leads to Eternal Life!

*My Companion, (He's Praying lol)

*Last Night (Brownout)

*One Of Our Investigator's Drawing for us (I'm the short one)

*Salvador Family

Philippines Angeles Mission

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