Monday, July 6, 2015

7 Months in the Field, My 10th Baptism!

Hello Everyone!
How are you guys doing? Hope You are all doing Well. 
Anyways, My Last Week was okay, I did not celebrate my Birthday because I was really sick, i can't even get up out of my Bed. It was raining The whole Week. I do not know if there's Typhoon.
Well, Rain or Shine Missionary Work will never stop! We found a New Investigator, Her name is Yvonne, She's a referral of our Investigator. She also attends Seminary class along with some of our Investigators. They are all Amazing People! 7 of our Investigators came yesterday at the Church (even if it was raining hard, they still came! I even did not expect that they will, but I am so Happy that they Did)
So far, We are focusing in our 3 Investigators that will be baptized on the 18th! They are all so excited for their Baptisms. One of therm even reads 21 Chapters from the Book of Mormon a Day!
When we taught her, She told us about the things that She learned from The Book Of Mormon!
She later said, "I now believe that this Book is True"
The Spirit was so STRONG during that Lesson. I will consider her as 1 of my GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS! I am so happy that we met her through OYM'ing. OYM'ing really prepares and Helps us meet the Elect of God.
Speaking of BAPTISM, Last Saturday (July 4th),
Sister Irene M. got baptized!!! The Leaders & Members came to show their Love and Support for her. I was touched by their Efforts and Time. I Love The Members here in Lupao. 
They're really concerned about Missionary Work and They really want to help us.
For me, Sister Irene Is a MIRACLE BAPTISM, Why?
She doesn't know how to Read, She doesn't know how to Write,
But She has Feelings. I have seen and experience for how many times How The Spirit works on her. Her Mother in Law which is a Member helps her Read and Pray. I am super blessed to know, teach, and baptize her. She Loves The Gospel so much!
We are now seeing and experiencing MIRACLES here in LUPAO,
compared to when I first got here, There was really nothing. I know the reason why!!!
It is because of the OBEDIENCE of the Previous Missionaries here.
I was touched by the words of our Former Bishop,
He told us that ''We are so Hardworking, and Obedient''
That is a MIRACLE for me. I believe that NO One will never praise you, If you DO not DO the right Things, But If you DO, Everyone around you will see your Good Works!
Obedience must not adjust to us as Missionaries. We should adjust and align our Frequency to being OBEDIENT MISSIONARIES!
Me and My Short-Term Trainee are doing really well, in Teaching, Serving and Loving Everyone!
I am trying to teach him some Important Key Points in Teaching. What I Love about him is, He is Always Prepared, Never thinks twice to share What He Knows, and Feel. Her is an Open Person. He Loves to Work and Teach! This is Why, I LOVE BEING A TRAINER!
Well, We are expecting for some new Investigators for this coming Week.
And, That's all for today!
Always Read The Book Of Mormon, And Pray, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY! 

*Some Of Our Progressing Investigatos

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*Baptism Pictures

Philippines Angeles Mission

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