Monday, July 20, 2015

Stay In The Area! Welcome Elder Naylor! 3 Baptisms!

Hello Everyone!
Well, As what I expected, I am still staying in Our Area!!!
I am, so HAPPY! So, My Short-Term Trainee left me last July 15.
And My New Companion is Elder Naylor, He is an American, He is my 5th Companion, He is 19, but He's turning 20 this August 10th. I am 6 Weeks ahead from him, and We've been together for 5 Days. 
But, We are batch mates going home. Elder Naylor is a Great Missionary!!!
He is Obedient, Diligent, And is really a Down To Earth Person!
He is good at Tagalog too! That 5 Days of us being together was only a Process Of Getting To Know Each Other, We Are still adjusting From one Another, And He is still adjusting in the area and the people in our Area!
Well, We get along really well! We've been serving one another!
If He Irons my Shirt, I would shine his Shoes.
If I cook for us, He would wash our dishes. (But most of the time I washed the dishes, Because I Love to do that! haha)
He's really Open to me. And has a Great Personality!
Anyways, Talking about our Investigators, Brother Leomark and his Mom, Sister Vilma are one of my Favorites here. last Friday, They've been waiting for us because they thought that We're going to teach them that Day. They even Prepare some Pansit for us. I feel bad about not showing up that Day. But We taught them Saturday Morning and apologized for what happened. 
They are really Progressing! Leomark reads 14 Chapters in The Book Of Mormon, and He even shared a Good Verse to us.
Sister Vilma is really excited for their Baptism. She Even Wants Leomark to serve a Mission!
I think Leomarkl is my Older Version. He is 17 years old. and I was an Investigator also when I was 17. We have the same Interests, and Hobbies.
He wants to serve a Mission too! Because back when I was an Investigator, I started to have a Desire to serve a Mission. And I am really seeing myself to him. I Love them so much! They even came to The Ward's Activity last Saturday and even attended the Baptism Service of Sister Almira, Angela, And Bro. Justin. 
Speaking of Baptism, Yes! We had 3 Baptisms last Saturday.
The Room was filled with Leaders, Members, and Some of our Investigators!
I was really happy and emotional that Day!
Especially when Sister Almira P. bore her Testimony in front of us.
She Memorized an Scripture Mastery verse in her testimony!
I was shedding in tears that time. The members asked me, Why I was crying. I did not answer their question. I don't know why, but I Know that /It's the Spirit that Touches my Feelings. Just like what I told you.
The Time when our Investigators are being baptized is such a Heart Melting Scene for me.
Also, Great News! This Coming Friday, 2 of our Investigators are getting Interviewed for Baptism! I am super excited! Because these 2 Amazing Investigators are The Best! One of them even attends Seminary!
And the other one has a strong Testimony That The Church Of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints is the True Church. Even Reads the Book Of Mormon and He always bring it, wherever he go.
The Work of The Lord is Amazingly increasing!
I Love This Work! These Miracles are the Fruits of Our Obedience and Diligence! Because I know that, You are not Prepared to Fail, If You are Prepared in all things!!!
That's All for today!

*Me and Elder Naylor

*Baptism Pictures!!!

Philippines Angeles Mission

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