Monday, September 21, 2015

A Carabao/Baptism Week!

Hello Everyone!
Today will be a Short Letter, I need to update some Mission Reports But You are always Welcome to reply...
Last Week's Highlight was,
Brother Mark O. got baptized last Saturday!!! Hurrah! We've been waiting for it, He's really really Special to us. He's one of my Investigator that really wants to go to the Temple... He Loved the Temples and The Church. He's been attending Institute and He Showed A Mighty Change Of Heart. He's Solid! I was touched by his Short and Powerful Testimony Last Saturday...
Also, Sister Divine C. One of Our Recent Convert was the Speaker for Mark's Baptism. She talked about Faith. I don't know how to explain this, but When she Started Speaking, The Room started to Warm, and It was really QUIET...
She shared Good Verses and bore What Faith can do to our Lives.
It was a Wonderful Baptismal Service!!!
Yesterday In the Sacrament Meeting, One of our Recent Convert (James C.) was one of The Speakers. He talked about The Restoration Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. He's Amazing!!! The Members loved his Talk... He did a Great Job!
He really Applied the things We taught him. I admire him a lot.
And We found New Investigators Last Week! We are now building their Foundation of Faith, We're Looking forward for the results. We also reached 85 OYM's last Week! We talked to a lot of People, and those 85 People we talked to has now Knowledge about The Gospel Of Christ. 
I think Last Week My Companion showed me The True Principle Of Charity.
Being Outward in Times Of Difficulties and Trials is One Of the Hardest attributes to apply. He's really Charitable in all things. In our Lessons, This is Weird, But I think Every Time He teaches I just can't stop looking at him, I think He's Glowing while Teaching. And I can Tell that That's Christ's Countenance in Him.
We're doing Great, and We're Enjoying Our Time Together.
In my Personal Studies, This Verse from Alma 53:20 enlightened me a lot about Being True... It says,
And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courageand  also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all they  were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing thewere entrusted.
I learned that you should always be TRUE when you Express yourself to Every One. Because All my Life I've been living this Motto, 
And in my Opinion, Not Being True at all times is not being Who You Are.
There should be NO LIES, and NO FAKES. I am happy that Until now I am still living my Motto Of Being Who I am. And I am Happy about it!
That's all for today... Please Be Spiritually Minded!
Philippines Angeles Mission

*First Carabao Ride!!!
*First Dog Meat I ate!!!
*Baptism Pictures!!!
*Carabao Ride Video

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