Monday, September 14, 2015

Blank Subject Heading

Hello, Everyone!!!
Its Official!!! Christmas Season Is Starting to Wrap The Philippines!
I have a Lot of things to Say today, But I don't really have enough time to type it...
Last Wednesday I gave The Workshop in our District Meeting, And I talked about CHARITY... This is What I Learned while Studying and Teaching Charity to my Fellow Missionaries:
Charity is The Mother Of All Virtues.
Charity Is The Pure Love Of Christ.
Every Thoughts, Words, and Deeds that We have should Center on Charity.
No Matter Where You Are, What You do, Always Ponder this Question, Have I Done Any Good In The World Today? If Not I have Failed indeed...
I would Like to Testify that If You Have Not Charity, You Are Nothing!
Just Like what It says in Doctrine And Covenants 12:8 (One Of my Favorite Scripture)And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall been trusted to his care.
As a Missionary I Testify that Charity is needed to have a Successful Companionship. I am Grateful for Our Savior's Example.
I am also Grateful for My Companion's Charitable Thoughts, Words, and Deeds. We're doing really Well, We're both Improving, and Striving To Be The Missionary that God wants us to be.
Anyways, Last Friday We had a Companionship Exchanges, I Stayed In The Area and was given a Chance To work with our District Leader.
Elder Taylor is his name, and His Trainer in the Field was also My Trainer. (I think this is The 2nd Time that I worked with him)
The purpose of The Exchanges was to Interview one of our Investigator.
And, So Happy to announce that He passed The Interview! He will be baptized on the 19th of September!!! Sad to say that He's our Last Baptismal Candidate for September. But We are really excited for his Baptism.
We are focusing on Finding Investigators and Less Active Members last Week, and Finally, We found 2 Progressing Investigators, One of them even came to Church Yesterday.😁
Yesterday, @ The Sacrament Meeting I was really Surprised when Our 1st Counselor announced the Name of Our Recent Convert ("Vilma S.", Mother of Leomark, Sheila, & Michelle) And He said that, She will be The New Secretary of The Relief Society!!! The Members Sustained her.
That really Surprised me!!! I was Really Really Happy with her New Calling! I know that She will be an Amazing Relief Society Secretary!
We had our Ward Council Meeting Yesterday after The Sacrament Service. We talked about The Goals Of The Ward, and Ideas To How Best Help The Ward. I Love and Admire our New Bishop...
I think that's all for today...

Philippines Angeles Mission

*Me and My Companion
*Christmas Lights!
*With My District Leader
*Me (My lens has prescription)

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