Monday, October 26, 2015

Spiritual solid!

Hello Everyone!
How was your Week?
It's gonna be a short letter today...
Overall Our Week was Good.
Last Wednesday I interviewed one of the Investigators of Elder Jaca and Elder Teasdale. Her name is Cedel Bautista... I can't still believe that I have the authority to Interview People for Baptism. Sister Cedel has a Solid Testimony of The Restored Gospel. I ended the Interview by asking "Why Do You want to get Baptized?"
Her answer touched my Heart. We have the same Family Background.
She testified that She decided to get baptized because She needs to.
She got baptized, last October 23.
We had a Community Service Project last Thursday, We Chopped some Trees.
And I got Blisters! The Service was really Fun. I Love helping People!
Flood was all over our Areas. The Flood lasted yesterday. But we are Flood Free now! I Love workin in a Dry Land!
Being A District Leader is really Stressful, But I am Learning a lot, and I am Loving it. Our Area is Crazy Big!!! I am still learning the routes that leads to our Teaching Appointments. But I am 75% Sure that I can now Lead Our Area. :)
So, I forgot to tell you that I am assigned in Moncada 2nd Branch, and besides that We have A Home Group that is 10-15 mins. away from Moncada. It is San Manuel Group. We have 15-20 Members attending there. So, every Sunday We attend 2 Sacrament Meetings. It's really cool right?
October 29th We are going to have a Baptismal Service for The Turqueza Family that we've been teaching for awhile. They are Solid! They're Super Nice!
I believe that they are Ready for the 29th. We are all excited for them.
I am still a Spiritual Solid, I am enjoying My Life as a Missionary, And I am Inviting you to be one Of The Spiritual Solids!
That's all for today...
*I ate Snails Last Week! They're really Good!
*Spiritual Solid Means (A Gospel Converted Person) Basically my Idea. :)

Love: Elder Ordejan
"Stop Being A Slave Of Sin"
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Flood, Typhoon, CSP
*Sister Cedel Bautista

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