Sunday, November 29, 2015

1 Year Mark On December 5, and 2 More Baptisms!

Hello Everyone!
Our Week was GREAT!
We had our Zone Conference last Thursday,
I've Learned a lot from our Mission Leaders, They talked about
Sabbath Day Observance, Follow Up 200 (Our Mission's Effective Way of Teaching People, Includes Daily Visits, Focused Area, & Preach My Gospel and Book Of Mormon Usage) and They also talked about Hastening The Work In The Philippines.
I Love Zone Conference! I Love Learning New Things!
I Love Our Mission Leaders!
Friday, 2 Of Our Beloved Investigators was Interviewed by our Zone Leader.
We went on exchanges last Friday, I stayed in our area and worked with Elder Branzuela. The Exchanges was really Good. I Learned a lot from our Zone Leader (Elder Branzuela) He is truly a Teacher that teaches by example. 
I have 2 Big Announcements for you!
1st, Our 2 Beloved Investigators passed the Interview!!!
We are having a Baptism on the 5th of December!
2nd, December 5 is my Year Mark!!!!!!!
Oh My Gosh! Can you Imagine?! I am already 1 year now!
Time is running really Fast! I think I did okay in my 1st Year in the Field, I've Learned a lot, Experienced things I never thought that I will experience, I talked to thousand of People, I've taught Hundreds of Lessons, I was Rejected many times, I was able to Baptize People, I faced a lot of Stress, Problems, Negative sides of Life, I had 8 Companions so far, I had 3 areas so far, I've Learned to Strengthen my Faith, I've Learned How to apply The Atonement to my life, I've Learned To Love Every Individual, I Learned that Obedience Brings Miracle and Disobedience brings Troubles, I've Learned How To Be A Missionary, I've Learned Why and How The Savior Jesus Christ is The Center of Our Lives, I've Learned that Christlike Attributes is the Key to have a Successful Life, and Last but the not the least I've Known my Purpose as a Missionary.
I am Looking forward for a New Year of Life Changing Lessons, Challenges that will Stretch me and make the best out of me, and of course a New Year filled with Purpose and Positiveness. My Motto for Next Year will be;
We are on a Roller Coaster Ride, I used to Expect for things, But Later on I've Learned that It was a wrong choice. Now I will Expect Nothing, and To Appreciate everything that will come to my Life.
That means, I should Be Ready at all times!!!
I am Luck and Grateful for this Wonderful Opportunity to serve as an Army Of the Lord, and I am also Grateful for the People who helped me to be what I am right now!
December, We will be studying about "Real Growth through Service"
I am Excited!
That's all for today, I have a Scripture to read for you;
Doctrine and Covenants 59:7 Ponder it. :)
Have a Great Week!
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*With Elder Branzuela
*Sebayan Family (Our Investigators)
*Turqueza Family (Recent Converts
*Brother Callister (Former Missionary of this Mission)
*Beautiful Sunset

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