Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello, Everyone!
Well, Last Week was a quite normal Week...
We had an exchanges last Saturday, I worked with Elder Jaca in their area.
The Purpose was to interview their Investigator for baptism.
His name is Brother Jensen, He's 20. He is totally Awesome!
Oh, How I Love Interviews! Brother Jensen passed the interviews.
He will be baptized on the 28th.
My Companion and I are struggling to get members work with us in our area.
We also need to find more Investigators. Gladly, We found 3 last week.
We found them through OYM'ing/House to House Contact...
Names are Benjo(20), Loisa(15), and Beth(24). They're siblings.
They are Awesome, Right after We said Good Evening they immediately said Come Inside, after 5 min. of getting to know each other, We shared the Message Of The Restoration. They Listened really well and the Spirit was really Strong.
They even accepted our Invitation to be baptized. God really cares for His Children.
Through this Experience I Learned that We as Missionaries are not alone in this Work. Their are Seen and Unseen Beings helping us with this Work.
I am so much Grateful that The Lord gave me a Mouth to Speak, Ears to Hear, Nose to Smell, Eyes to See, Legs and Arms to  Move and Do whatever I want, Brain to think, and a Wonderful Heart to Feel and To Connect with everything!
All I need to do is to use them wisely.
Anyway, just like I said, We have 2 Areas, a Branch and a Home Group.
Well it is really hard to work in both areas. We are struggling in organizing our plans. We have few Investigators in the Home Group and a lot in the Branch.
Both areas are far from each other...
I know that there's a reason why I'm in this area. I can see the benefits of it now.
It made me stretch, made me focus more in the work, and made me a Multi Tasking Missionary. I Love this Area, I Love The People here, and I Love being a Missionary!
Elder Ball and I are doing Great! I Love him, and Grateful to be with him.
I Love you too! I Pray and Hope that all will be well with you.
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*Astronaut, Christmas in Moncada, Sunset
*My District (District 1)
*Brother Jensen

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