Monday, November 2, 2015

24th, 25th, & 26th Baptism! (11 Months in the Field)

Hello Everyone!
Well, How was your Week? Mine was Incredibly Awesome!
The Turqueza Family got baptized last Thursday (October 29)
Names are Eduardo, Teresita, and their son Kenneth.
They are totally converted to The Gospel. One of the Sweetest Moment I've ever witnessed as a Missionary is when Our Newly Immersed/Baptized Investigators bear their Wonderful Testimonies in front of us.
I am Grateful that I am part of their Conversion. The Branch Presidency showed a Big Support for them. I am starting to Love the People here, and the Area.
Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st, We had a 7 pm Curfew because of the Holiday.
When I found out that It is already November, My Jaw dropped!!!
Where did the time Go??? I can't believe that I am turning 11 Months on the 5th of November!!! Time Is Flying...
Also, This Coming Wednesday (November 4), will be our Transfer Announcements.
I do not have any idea, what's gonna happen but I am 95% Sure that I am not transferring... My Companion maybe is in Danger...
We are still focusing in Finding New Investigators. It is still hard to be A Translator for my Companion. He knows a little Tagalog, which for me is really Hard. But It's also Fun.
Earlier this Morning, We went to the Apartment of our Zone Leaders, Why?
Elder Green, My Follow Up Trainer and Zone Leader now, just Finished his Mission. We arrived at 7 am and around 8 am the Assistants To Our Mission President came and picked up Elder Green. Man! I am gonna miss him a lot!
I enjoyed our time together in my 1st Area, and now as a Missionary in his Last Zone. He is a Remarkable Missionary!
Anyways, As A Mission We are now Studying Real Growth through Gratitude.
I am Grateful that I am a Missionary, I am Grateful that I was assigned here in the Philippines Angeles Mission,  I am Grateful that I have the Restored Gospel in my life, I am Grateful for The Plan Of Salvation, I am Grateful for my Wonderful Family, I am Grateful for those who taught, and inspired me. I am Gretful for my Friends, and Bestfriends, . How about you? What are you Grateful for?, You are Welcome to share it to me.
That's all for today. 
I Love All Of You!
Be Grateful!
Love: Elder Ordejan
Phillipines Angeles Mission

*Zone Pictures
*Goodbye Elder Green
*Baptism Pictures

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