Sunday, November 8, 2015

David and Goliath, 27th Baptism!

Hello, Everyone!

Well, It will be short today,
First, My Companion (Elder Hagen) got transferred last Wednesday.
Crazy for me. I and my New Companion needs to take care of The Moncada Branch and San Manuel Group now. Elder Hagen and I were just companions for 4 Weeks only.
A little bit sad that He's leaving but, I know for a fact that there is Reason.
Well, my New Companion is Elder Ball, He is 20 Years Old, He is from Boise Idaho, He is also an Indian Missionary (just like Elder Hagen) He's been here in the Philippines for 4 Months, So, Being a Translator is over!!! I was Amazed when We taught our 1st Lesson together, He taught in Fluent Tagalog!!! I am Super Lucky! I am truly grateful right now.
I Love Elder Hagen, but it's just Hard for me to translate everything in Tagalog.
Elder Ball's a nice guy! We get along really well.
Goodness Gracious, Since I got Elder Ball, My Height was the most topic here in Moncada.
Why? He is 6'3 tall and I'm 5'3 tall. People would say that We look like David and Goliath.
That's Why, My Subject Heading is David and Goliath...
We have a Baptism Interview tonight at 6 pm.
Name's Brother Asi, We are so Excited! He is also Excited as well.
Success for this week was, We found 9 New Investigators.
December might be a White Christmas! So Excited!!!!
I am doing Well here, I am Grateful that I am a Missionary.
I Love to Serve, I Love this Mission! I Love My Family!
and Greatest of all is I Love The Lord!
That's all for today! I Love You All!
*Read Alma 40:25

Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission

*Christmas In Moncada
*Elder Ball and Me

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