Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello February!

Hello, Everyone!!!
Happy February!!! Knowing that it is the 2nd Month of the Year makes me cry...
Why? I have 10 months left in the Mission Field... I am not counting it, i am just being realistic. I can't believe How Fast the time is...
Anyway, Last Week was a Good Week...
Last week I have been teaching my Trainee about The Planning Sessions.
As a result He is now Familiar and capable to Lead in our Planning Sessions.
He is a Fast Learner, but still shy or scared to unleash his full potential as a Missionary. Elder Berdin is such an Awesome Missionary.
We found 9 New Investigators last week which I can consider as a Miracle.
To be honest it is hard to Find Investigators, But If you have Faith and Desire to go out and talk to every single person you can see in the street.
You will find those that the Lord is preparing to serve the Restored Gospel.
I definitely Love our Area, We have been applying the Programs of our mission and one of them is the Follow Up 200.
Follow Up 200 is:
Daily Visits with Investigators
Book Of Mormon Usage (to every Lesson)
Work in the Focus Area (Must be near the Church, etc.)
Lesson Staffing (Right Fellowshipper for a Specific Investigator)
We are receiving success by following our Mission's Programs.
We do not need to walk more than 30 minutes anymore because our focused area is really close to our Apartment, and 5 of our Investigator lives in this area.
I also Love applying the Lesson Staffing, Which is helping your Investigator to find his or her "FRIEND" which Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said.
My Trainee now knows our area and is capable of leading to our appointments.
I think I can now leave Moncada, haha. I am almost 5 Months here.
Before my mission started I was hoping to have at least 8 or 7 areas to serve, But I think that's not possible now. For I only have 10 months left.
But The Lord knows whats best, I will never rely in my own wisdom and strength.
Last Friday, Our 2 Investigators was interviewed for Baptism.
(Sister Lady Rose, and Brother Alijandro) They both passed the Interview.
But Bro. Alijandro told us something interesting...
that I think I cannot share with you, because I think this is something I can personally treasure. He will be interviewed again tomorrow by our Mission President.
I would like to inform you my goals after my mission.
(Many of you have been asking me about it)
1st, I would like to go to US, to study or work at the same time, If someone helps me.
2nd, If I can't go to US, I will study and work here.
*I will find the right girl for me while I'm studying and Working*
But as of now, My Heart is still locked, and I still need to finish what I started here.
So, That is all for today.
You are all in my Prayers.
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Late Christmas Conference Pictures

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