Sunday, January 17, 2016

We Baptize and Rescue

Hello Everyone!

Well, our week was wonderful...
This past 2 Weeks we have been working in Rescuing.
Last Sunday We accomplished our goal for our 2 Less Active members, they are now Less Active Returned...
Same thing happened yesterday 2 of the Less active members that we were focusing finally became Less Active Returned. We have been teaching them for awhile.
It is a blessing for us to Rescue those who are WEAK IN FAITH, those who are LESS INVOLVED. It gives me good feeling to see their Testimonies shining gloriously.
Also, We received a good amount of referrals last week, and we contacted some of them, one of the referral we received lives far far away from our focused area and from the Church. We walked for more than an hour which is not a good idea.
We were super tired after we arrive and found her house, Her neighbor talked to us and said that She wasn't there. My trainee and I were so disappointed...
And at that point I remember our Mission Theme for this Year, "Make thee a Minister and a Witness" Yes, It is tiring to walk for more than an hour under the Hot sun, shedding sweat and dusty road... That is the Spirit of Laman and Lemuel, Always murmuring. I realized that we were like Nephi that time, despite of not knowing how far the person we were going to minister, We still went and do the thing which the Lord wants us to do. True Ministers are the ones who does not murmur, the ones who always say "I will GO and DO"
That experience is all worth it for us.
Leaning from that experience, in our Missionary Coordination Meeting I instructed our Branch Missionaries to give us referrals that lives in our focused areas only as suggested by our Zone Leaders last Wednesday in our District Meeting.
Our Branch Missionaries accepted the challenge.
And, We have been ministering to our Amazing Investigators here.
The results of our ministering are GREAT!
One of them reads 24 Chapters from the Book Of Mormon every other day and every time we teach her, She would always summarize the things that she understood. She makes me cry...
The other one is always excited for his Baptism Day.
He marked the date in all their calendars at their house which is funny for me.
I am still training Elder Berdin...
And we are now in our 4th week of training program.
Elder Berdin is such a wonderful missionary. He loves to roleplay, which I also love to do. I am loving this responsibility, I am teaching my trainee everything that I know, every rules in our mission, every goals, and etc.
I Love my Trainee, and I Love being a Missionary.
I think that's all for today...
I am treasuring in my heart and mind this question right now,
"What lack I yet?
Ask yourself that question in your prayers and you will receive surprising and faith boosting answers...
Love: Elder Ordejan
Philippines Angeles Mission
*Far Area
*Belated Happy 20th Birthday Elder Berdin

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