Monday, February 23, 2015

Super Awesome Week!

Hello to my Family and Friends!!!
Well, Last week was really an AWESOME Week!
This week Me and my Trainer had a really wonderful Lessons with our Investigators. and Nest Friday 2 of them will be interviewed (By Our Zone Leaders) for their Baptism on March 7. It made me wonder about the Power of the Gospel. Man! It really changes everyone!!! I Love My Trainer so much. He's really a GREAT PERSON!
Last Tuesday we had a Zone Conference, It was really good. I've learned a lot from our Mission Leaders. Our Mission President Emphasized to us that We were set apart as Teachers not Eaters. hahahaha. I am not a Food Maniac, so, I can say that I am not guilty. haha.
And He also said that Missionaries should be Multitasking Missionaries.
And He asked us a wonderful question:
Am I experiencing Real Growth???
I remained silent and took some time to think about his question,
It's really hard to tell, And I can Tell you right now that Yes, I am experiencing real growth... 
Sometimes, I honestly feel discouraged by others, And I am learning a lot about the Enabling Power of the Atonement, It's a Huge blessing for me, I am still striving to get rid of Pride. And through my disappointments I have learned that
external rewards don't bring lasting happiness.
Sure, fame, popularity, money, and being liked by
the cute girls, can make you feel good in
the moment, but if you aren't enough without
these things, you'll never be enough with them.
There have been times when I have been built up
incredibly high by external rewards. I felt like I
was on top of the world, but when these outside
sources of validation were taken away I was left
feeling lower and worse than I've ever felt in my
entire life. My self-esteem was like a balloon of
air. It was big and seemingly full but with only
one small prick, it is revealed that the thinly
stretched rubber contains nothing at all. I had to
learn that it's enough to be me.
I am relying so much to the Lord, because I've learned that I can't do anything without him.
That's All For Today!
P.S I Love My Family and Friends so Much!!! Please don't forget to Keep in touch with me.

*Me and My Trainer/Tatay, in a Trike of one of our Investigators

*Selfie with My Tatay

*1st District T-Shirt (Elements, & I'm Water)

*Me, In the Falls in Calaanan (One of our area, taken just this morning, we had a Zone Activity)

*Me and My Trainer/Tatay

*Me and My Trainer/Tatay wacky

*Bongabon Missionaries (E. Armatage, E. Ordejan, E. Crisostomo, E. Williams)
*Bongabon Missionaries wacky

*Our Name tags Underwater

*Crossing this old small bridge

*Our District T-Shirt 


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