Monday, June 8, 2015

6 Months in the Field, and I'm Training!!! (Tatay na)

Hello Everyone!
Well, Last Wednesday was our Transfer Announcements, My companion (Elder Webster) got transferred. So, The Zone Leaders announced who my companion will be... I was really surprised when they announced that I am going to Train!!!
My zone mates were also surprised that I am going to train already. I'm not bragging about it nut in my batch I'm the first one to train a Missionary.
So, Wednesday night We went to Cabanatuan (2 hours ride from San Jose) and spent our Night in the Apartment of the Cabanatuan Zone Leaders.
Thursday morning @ 6:00 a.m We went all the way to Tarlac to pick up my Trainee (My 1st Anak) (Our Mission Office is located in Tarlac, and It took us for an hour and a half to get there)
We arrived in Tarlac around 8:00 a.m. We went to our Mission Office and We had my 1st Trainer's Council Meeting. After the Whole thing I am Proud to introduce to you my First Trainee (Anak) He is Brother Villamor!!!
Yes, You're right He's not an Elder, Because He's a Short Term Missionary.
We will just be together for 6 Weeks. He is from Moncada Tarlac, He's 21 Years Old, Speaks Ilocano and Tagalog. Well, I am so happy to Train him here in The Angeles Mission for 6 Weeks. I am so Lucky to have him, See him Grow, Change, and reach his full potential. So far we are now together for 4 Days, And I can tell you that He's The Best! He Loves to Work, He's Obedient, He's Teachable, He's Really Nice, And He is AWESOME! :)
Currently We are following the 12 Weeks Program.
I don't know but It's so weird that I'm Training, It feels like My Trainer just Trained me Yesterday, But Now, I'm the one that's Teaching & Leading.
Our Mission President said that The Lord Trusted us for this Extra Ordinary Calling. And just like what Spider-Man said,
"With Great Power (Calling), comes Great Responsibilities"
I believe that, If there is Goodness, there is Kindness, and If there is kindness there is Love, and If there's Love, there is MIRACLES!
As Trainer and Trainee, that will be the Key for us To work in Unity and Harmony of the Gospel. I really want to make sure that I live in a way that I can be proud to be me, live in a way that will uplift others, live in a way that makes God proud. Because a lot of people are watching. Then I thought a bit deeper: No matter how big or small we feel our impact is, each of us have
people in our lives who listen to and learn from us (by our words or our actions) and they watch how we behave.
Some Impacts cause Sacrifices. Sacrificing for things you Love and Cherish are essential for us to Learn more, Love More, and Serve More.
Anyways, My Week was really Wonderful. We are still focusing in our Investigators with Baptismal Dates.
That's all for today.
Always Remember,
I Love You All!
Read, Proverbs 3:5-6 (My Favorite Scripture)

*Transfer Announcement Pictures (Transferring Missionaries)

*Me and My Trainee (Anak)

Philippines Angeles Mission

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